Awesome Birth Announcement with Pictures!

Awesome Birth Announcement with Pictures!

We have almost 10,000 member in our Facebook BWF Community. I am emailed many birth announcements and they are all wonderful in their own way. I usually share them on our FB page. Today, I received this birth announcement from Melissa, along with 2 amazing pictures. So, of course, I just have to share (with permission)! Birth is so raw and empowering and these pictures captured just that.  ~Mrs BWF

Melissa:  “I just wanted to share that my sister, Callie, gave birth to her second little girl yesterday via unassisted home birth. She rocked it! Emilia Armanie weighed 6lb 12oz and came right at 38 weeks. No tears even tho baby shot out of mama and landed on the pile of blankets.

Birth Announcement

We captured a really cool “in the moment” photograph of baby shooting out and would love to share it.  I am so proud of my sister as she literally birth’s without fear!!”

Freebirth Announcement


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19 thoughts on “Awesome Birth Announcement with Pictures!

  1. Why would someone remove your pics they are beautiful. There is nothing more beautiful than bringing a new life into the world.

  2. Wow. So powerful – you and the photos, thank you for sharing them, birth as it should be (no interference)
    wow. J x

  3. I have to say that those are the best birthing pictures that I have seen. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing somebody bring a baby earthside!

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