Great Hospital Birth Experiences

by Birth Without Fear on November 14, 2011

What I love about this, is I can share it on my Blog and with the BWF Community, which is predominately natural birth oriented, and this mama and her births will NOT get torn apart. She will still have support. It hasn’t been easy to build and keep a community of women and the topic of birth compassionate and supportive, but it’s been worth it. Leah was kind enough to share her story , while not ‘all natural’, they were hers and her babies experiences. They were empowering in their own right and should be celebrated like any other. Thank you Leah! ~Mrs. BWF

My Two Hospital Births

I don’t expect this to be posted as a powerful, natural birth, but I just felt that my story was special enough to share with someone too. With my first birth, I was very uneducated, and did not research much about birth at all. The only “birth plan” I had was to get my baby out safely so that I could love on him and see his little eyes blinking up at his mommy.

I had a scheduled induction 3 days after my due date, because I was “over due.” The plan was to get cervadil, spend the night in the hospital, break my water the next morning, then start potocin. Well, I got to hospital about 8 and did all the check-in process, then they check me (I was 1cm) and inserted cervadil. About 30 minutes after cervadil, I started having major “cramps.” I thought, boy am I a wussy. This is going to be a looonnngg night if I am already hurting this bad. I did not know what to expect and how I should be feeling.

I was pretty embarrassed to have to call in the nurse, but I did to try to figureĀ  out what was going on. She said she had been watching my contractions on the monitor, and they were very intense. She they removed the cervadil, because my body was ready! I was amazed, but was still planning on a long night.

About an hour later, I was having SEVERE contractions. I love watching my birth video and seeing how I moaned and rubbed my face through every contraction. That was my “zone.” Around 2 am I was very tensed up and shaking immensely with every contraction and feeling very strong pressure. I was losing control…little did I know I was starting transition.

I asked the nurse to check me and I was 3 cm so I asked for the epidural, as I was sitting on edge on bed waiting for an epidural to get started and I was feeling very STRONG pressure. I told the nurse I needed to push, and she said, “Oh honey, that is just because you are sitting on your bottom.” I said, “No, I really have to push. Like, my body is doing it all on its own!”

So she checked my once again and I was complete! Of course the doctor was not there, because it was the middle of the night (what are they paid for again?!), so she made me wait to push for 15 minutes while we waited for the doctor. That was the worst part of the whole labor. My body was wanting to push so bad and I was actually fighting it. (Silly me!)

Finally the doctor came in, and I pushed for about 10 minutes. I loved looking in the mirror seeing him come down little by little, and feeling his hair while he was between worlds, then I had the best moment of my life… I met my precious son face-to-face.

My second birth was very different, yet similar, because it also was hospital birth, induced (due to IUGR), lasted about 4 hours. I pushed for 6 minutes then got to pull my baby girl out on my own and bring her to my chest. Ahhhhhh…..

With all that being said, I want to speak out for all the hospital birth moms. I am NOT my any means embarrassed of my hospital, “unnatural” birth. It was -for me- the best experience I could have EVER asked for and I could not imagine it being any better. I am not against home birth in the least, but personally a hospital birth is my choice. I LOVE hearing my precious baby’s heartbeats every second that I am in labor and having contractions. I LOVE knowing that I can be in the operating room within minutes if an emergency arrives. I feel as though I did not lose any special experience by birthing in a hospital. The only thing that matters to me is when I see my precious baby’s face, and we look into each others eyes… I could be in a ditch or on a yacht or in the air, and it would make no difference in the world as long as we are both safe and healthy.

I am proud of my birthing experiences. It was so surreal and perfect, the doctors and nurses were great (thank the Lord I had good people surrounding me) and I don’t regret any of it. Even the two days after the birth, I loved being in a hospital with awesome staff keeping an eye on me and my baby. No one was intrusive, no one took my baby without my permission, and no one touched me without my permission.

I truly felt that the nursery staff sincerely CARED about my little bundle of joy. When they would bring her to me after her bath, seeing them hold and swaddle her, and bounce her until she was in my arms. Maybe I am 1 in a million for having such an awesome hospital experience, but I just wanted to let everyone know it is not always traumatic.


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