Propaganda Parenting: Don’t Look, Listen or Speak…Be A Sheep

Propaganda Parenting: Don’t Look, Listen or Speak…Be A Sheep

These messages are prominent in our society, media, doctor’s visits and what is taught in our schools…

Cosleeping is dangerous (as your baby sleeping with a knife).

Birth is dangerous, interventions and surgery are a must (or it’s all Ricki’s fault!).

If a study doesn’t prove it, then it isn’t so.

What’s right for you is not right for me, and it’s OK, b/c I say it’s right for me. (Moral Relativity).

Do not question the ingredients or effectiveness of vaccines, or the increased schedule in which they are given.

Synthetic formula and plastic bottles are just as good as breastfeeding.

I don’t say these things to offend any particular situation (I had 2 c/s myself, an epidural with my VBA2C and bottle fed 2 kids), but say this to the overall propaganda message and fear mongering being shoved down our throats as parents.

Propaganda will have you believe that everything natural and physiologically normal is dangerous, risky (love that words thrown around…risk!) and downright stupid. Actually, hand your rights and children over, put them in a plastic bubble, don’t bond with them and let others choose what is healthy! It is disgusting and becoming absurd.

The only way it will change is by parents speaking up! Remember when Toddler Formula was introduced? It was because of parents causing an uprising that it was taken off the market. Our voices do matter. Educating ourselves and making informed choices, not fear induced choices, is important!

What is going to take? All of our rights being stripped from us, being threatened with our kids being taken away (or actually taken) one family at a time? Do not be a victim, do not live in fear. Know your laws and your rights because when you do, when you are informed, fear mongering doesn’t work. We all love our families and want what is best for our children, do not be afraid to do just that.



14 thoughts on “Propaganda Parenting: Don’t Look, Listen or Speak…Be A Sheep

  1. Follow the money. Cribs, vaccines, formula, surgical birth and strollers represent an ENORMOUS amount of money for both the suppliers AND the media that is advertising their products.

  2. Great post (especially the sheep picture)! It’s good to be reminded sometimes that there others out there who aren’t following the crowd either. 🙂 And Sheryl, you are so right. I used to read my “free for a year” subscription to a popular parenting magazine, and I’d get SO frustrated with the ridiculously biased articles. But then when you flip through and see how much of the magazine is dedicated to advertising, you realize that they can’t be publishing things that go against what their sponsors want! Sad, but true.

  3. there’s toddler ‘nutritional supplement’ drink available where I live. I can see where it would be handy… but it’s too much like formula for me to want to buy it. posts like this reassure me that I’m not the only one who thinks this way.

  4. Now that I have a baby, I question EVERYTHING!! It started in our childbirth class when I found out that newborns are given the Hep B vaccine when they are hours old. That concerned me, so I asked “Can I decline that??” I have done research on vaccination, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, feeding solids, ANYTHING that concerns me or leaves questions unanswered. I am so glad to not be a sheep!!!

  5. Another problem in this country also is, that mothers don’t get a year or two paid mother leave like it is in other countries. So it’s not only the advertisement and being told have the truth. Part of the problem also is, that if you only have two weeks off after birth you often don’t have any other choice but to pump your milk. And not all women are able or willing to do that. Some can’t make it financially, if they just stay at home. Then another fact is, that when you’re divorced, you often don’t have any other choice but to send your kids to school or to vaccinate, because your ex-spouse can sue you in court. And according to the current law they will then get full custody and your children will be taken from you. I know this, because I’m living this nightmare. At least in the state of PA. So mother leave law and family law need to change first, with this high of a divorce rate in this country or not much will change.

  6. Stephanie, you bring out a very valid point concerning these topics. I have a custody thing going on with my son, and just the other night, asked his dad what he thought of vaccinations. He’s questioning them, so I gave him two links where he can get good information on them, and if he wants more, I have many more saved. I’m hoping he’ll also turn into a non-vax parent, because the things just aren’t safe. I’m all for a proven effective & safe vax. NOT for the ones on the market today! Nor do I believe that vaxing my kids for something as non-deadly as the flu or the chicken pox is best for them. But you’re right, if he ends up staying/being pro-vax no matter the cost, I’m going to have an even worse fight on my hands, because I’m not allowing any more shots to enter my daughter’s body. I live in MD, our son is in VA with his dad’s mom. So if you have any tips or advice, I’m all ears! My email addy is Please put your name in the subject line so I don’t delete it thinking it’s spam, if you email me. 🙂

    Mrs. BWF, thanks once again, for reminding us that we need to open our eyes on EVERY subject of life – not just the ones we’re personally concerned with at this moment in time.

    1. Hi. Are you a fan of peaceful parenting on Facebook? These moms always have (sadly) a lot of experience with legal matters regarding custody and peaceful parenting and will have ideas for you. If you don’t have FB you can e-mail them. The website is

  7. I agree completely with the “follow the money” statement. I was reading an issue of a parenting magazine, and EVERYTHING was directed toward formula/bottle feeding. No nursing pads or bras, not even a breast pump got mentioned, but every other page was an ad for some sort of formula, or a “new and improved” bottle type. I get coupons all the time for formula, but I’ve never once gotten a coupon for anything that could help a full-time nursing mother.

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