Propaganda Parenting: Don’t Look, Listen or Speak…Be A Sheep

by Birth Without Fear on November 16, 2011

These messages are prominent in our society, media, doctor’s visits and what is taught in our schools…

Cosleeping is dangerous (as your baby sleeping with a knife).

Birth is dangerous, interventions and surgery are a must (or it’s all Ricki’s fault!).

If a study doesn’t prove it, then it isn’t so.

What’s right for you is not right for me, and it’s OK, b/c I say it’s right for me. (Moral Relativity).

Do not question the ingredients or effectiveness of vaccines, or the increased schedule in which they are given.

Synthetic formula and plastic bottles are just as good as breastfeeding.

I don’t say these things to offend any particular situation (I had 2 c/s myself, an epidural with my VBA2C and bottle fed 2 kids), but say this to the overall propaganda message and fear mongering being shoved down our throats as parents.

Propaganda will have you believe that everything natural and physiologically normal is dangerous, risky (love that words thrown around…risk!) and downright stupid. Actually, hand your rights and children over, put them in a plastic bubble, don’t bond with them and let others choose what is healthy! It is disgusting and becoming absurd.

The only way it will change is by parents speaking up! Remember when Toddler Formula was introduced? It was because of parents causing an uprising that it was taken off the market. Our voices do matter. Educating ourselves and making informed choices, not fear induced choices, is important!

What is going to take? All of our rights being stripped from us, being threatened with our kids being taken away (or actually taken) one family at a time? Do not be a victim, do not live in fear. Know your laws and your rights because when you do, when you are informed, fear mongering doesn’t work. We all love our families and want what is best for our children, do not be afraid to do just that.




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