Twins, Born with Their Own Head, Brain and Spinal Cord, but Share a Body

by Birth Without Fear on December 21, 2011

I recently came across this article about a Brazilian mother who birthed her twins by cesarean. Her twins were born with their own brains and spinal cords and sharing a body.

“Maria de Nazare, 23, gave birth to the twins by C-section at a hospital in Anajas, in Brazil’s northern Para state. She has named them Emanoel and Jesus because they are a Christmas miracle.”

These baby boys have their own names and are eating like champs.

“I want her (the mother) to understand that she does not have a monstrous son, a son with two heads, but she has two sons.”

She did not have any ultrasounds during pregnancy, so did not know about the twins condition until right before birth.

How would you feel in this situation?

Read the full article here.


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