Photography of Howard Schatz

Photography of Howard Schatz

So I was cruising through Pinterest and came across this beautiful photo.

I love how simple and raw it is and wondered who this Howard Schatz is, so I looked fruther and found his website.


This man is talented and apparently I’ve been living in a bubble {named motherhood}. All of his work is amazing. He has recently focused on pregnant women, mothers and their babies. He has done an amazing job capturing the profound beauty in the simple things.¬†Here are a few more of my favorites {hard to pick) and to you can see his whole portfolio here¬†along with his books, including With Child.

3 thoughts on “Photography of Howard Schatz

  1. Thanks for sharing his work, some truly original and interesting images. I particularly like how he captures a certain strength in many of the pregnant women, it is refreshing.

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