Special Moments Captured {Birth of a Rainbow Baby}

Special Moments Captured {Birth of a Rainbow Baby}

“I wanted to share some photographs from the last home birth I did with you and Birth Without Fear. This is the couple’s first live birth, they had a still birth just over a year and a half ago.

This mommy went through 24 hours of labor, and then everything stopped for just over a week. Her water then broke and she was in labor for 30 hours before their son was born. When the baby arrived, they both broke down crying when he took his first breath. Being the emotional birth lover I am, I cried as well.

Their story is so special, and so beautiful and I am so happy that they were able to bring a healthy 8 pound baby boy into the world absolutely naturally.” ~Hannah Parker with Fresh Love Birth Photography

6 thoughts on “Special Moments Captured {Birth of a Rainbow Baby}

  1. Beautiful. I am reading this in our NICU family room holding our rainbow baby- whom is so close to coming home. After a stillbirth in Aug 2011, then 2 miscarriages, almost losing our son at 18 weeks and then being born at 28 weeks, I fully appreciate the emotion and love in your story and pictures. Thankyou for sharing <3

  2. What an inspiration! We just lost our fourth baby,a girl, to still birth April 23, 2014… this brings so much hope!

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