Unassisted Footling Breech Birth {Unplanned Homebirth}

Unassisted Footling Breech Birth {Unplanned Homebirth}

I woke in the early hours with pains, and called hospital who advised to wait it out – contractions were roughly 15min apart. I called back around 6am before my partner went to work, and was still advised to stay home. We figured things were ok, partner went to work (an hour away).

The pains got more intense so I jumped in the shower until the water went cold, then I got out and called my partner who said to call the hospital and then call him back. The contractions were about 5-8min apart but I could talk through them, and hospital told me to wait it out: “it’s your first, you could be like this for days”.

I called my partner back and he said he would head home, so I called my mum who lived over an hour away. While on the phone my waters broke, I headed to the bathroom (still talking to mum) and advised her I needed the toilet.

I sat down and felt some pressure, as I felt between my legs I felt two feet.

My mum called 000 who called me back & conference-called my mum in.

15min later after some coaching and about 6 pushes my beautiful daughter was born, before the ambulance arrived! Home alone on the bathroom floor my beautiful girl came into the world feet first. 20min after waters breaking she was here & safe!

My cousin & his wife beat the ambulance (and daddy!), and helped get her wrapped and warm.

[Mummy & Ava – a day and a half after it happened because with all the rush we forgot the camera]


[The bathroom where it all happened]


My daughter is now 4yrs old and lives her life in exactly the same manner she entered the world – fast, feet first and running – she does not stop. She now also has a little sister who is 3 (15mths age gap) who is very similar in personality… my labor with her was 5hrs total, my waters broke and she was born 8 minutes later…. very fast and furious.

4 thoughts on “Unassisted Footling Breech Birth {Unplanned Homebirth}

  1. Just proves what they say, Breech is just another variation of normal birth. Some babies just choose to come that way and that is what is best for them. Thanks for sharing your wonderful story.

  2. Wow! And hey…nice to hear a hospital tell a first time mom to wait a bit before coming in…even if they were wrong this time!

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