Babywearing Daddy {Twins!}

Babywearing Daddy {Twins!}

Here are some pictures of my husband Brian wearing our babies.

Our twins had colic (both of them) so I would wear them while Brian was at work, and then he’d wear them to give me a break for a few hours and then we’d split them up and each of us would take one for the evening and night. He wore those babies for many, many hours.

Then we experimented with back and front – the fourth picture was one of our early attempts. Now Brian wear the baby around (looking completely adorable) and the boys both want their turns still, though they’ve certainly outgrown this carry by now! – Nikki

babywearing daddy

babywearing daddy


babywearing twins

daddy babywearing twins

3 thoughts on “Babywearing Daddy {Twins!}

  1. so cute!! there’s nothing sexier than a babywearing daddy, haha. can’t wait to see my hubby all wrapped up with our little one once she makes her arrival in July!

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