Cancer and Triplets

by Mrs. BWF on April 29, 2013

This was recently shared on our Facebook page. It didn’t take long for it to go viral with at least 9 million viewing it and thousands of shares. It’s not surprising as this family is amazing. The mother’s words and the picture we shared were stolen and used on a spam page (as their own) along with other copyright infringement issues. Luckily Facebook has been on top of it and is removing our stolen posts from said page. Thank you Facebook!

So we are resharing here. It’s amazing. Enjoy!

{Bridget} My hubby (Jeff) holding our triplets all together for the first time. Still in the NICU, they were about a week old. This was a moment he had been looking forward to. You can see the pride and joy in his face. He was also battling stage 3 caner at this time, and had been told he may not live to see them born. So many emotions here. He is 3 years cancer free this month.
UPDATE PICTURE at 3 years Cancer Free:
familychristmas cancer free

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