Hire a Care Provider with Care

by Mrs. BWF on May 20, 2013

I was told all of these in one day…

  • “I fired my OB at 20 weeks and hired a midwife to have an amazing homebirth.”
  • “I found a new OB for my 3rd child, after my previous OB told me I needed cesareans when I didn’t.”
  • “I fired my OB and found a new awesome OB to have a wonderful hospital birth last time.”
  • “I hired midwives this time to have a healing HBAC.”

This is not about midwife vs. OB. This is about good care provider vs. bad. That simple.

Ladies, please please please choose your care providers carefully. I meet and talk to women who have traumatic hospital AND out of hospital births because of incompetent and disrespectful midwives and OB’s.

birth labor supportI also meet moms who hire wonderful, skilled, amazing midwives and OB’s (sometimes after firing the crappy ones). PLEASE do your work to interview, talk to other clients and patients, ask questions, and don’t be afraid to fire someone and hire someone else. You would do so in any other aspect of your life, so why not for the birth of your child?! I can not say it enough or express how important this truly is.

You can take the most ‘educated’ and ‘informed’ woman and put her in the territory of others who do not support her, in a vulnerable moment, and watch her get abused, mistreated, and her spirit broken. You can not prepare for that. What you CAN do is make sure you only have people who will love you, guide you, be honest with you, and support you in your birth.

Birth is amazing, raw and vulnerable. Only have people there you trust completely.

care providers for birth

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