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Jolene Roth May 30, 2013 at 7:07 pm

Hello Svea!

I was introduced to BWF last year and I have been so inspired by all of the amazing stories, photos and information that you share! I used BWF to help educated myself as I prepared to deliver my 5th son. After experiencing induced and medicated hospital births, my 5th son came naturally at 41 weeks. I still delivered in a hospital, but had an un-medicated vaginal birth that was amazing and very empowering. With the support and encouragement from my care team, I was even able to reach down and deliver my little guy myself and he didn’t leave my arms for hours! Simply amazing!

I am writing to you because I am hoping that you can help me spread the word about a wonderful film, called Return to Zero. The film is about stillbirth and it gives those who have suffered a loss a voice. It also has a great message that will help educate friends, family and those in the medical field about pregnancy and infant loss. I know that BWF focuses more on the empowering and heartwarming aspects of birth, but there is also a very real and heartbreaking part of birth that sometimes ends in the loss of a much loved child. There is a great need for these voices to be heard, as many in this community often suffer in silence, alone.

If you have a few moments you can read more about this project on my blog:

I have signed up to be a Local Leader for the film and am not directly connected to it. I have just signed up to spread the word because I myself have suffered the loss of two little boys and I know the pain and silence that is often associated with pregnancy and infant loss.

If you think that this is something that BWF could help spread the word about that would be so appreciated! Our goal at the moment, is simply to get people to sign up and pledge that they would be willing to see the film when it opens in their community. That’s it! It only takes a few moments to sign up. If we can get enough people to pledge to see the movie, we can then show Hollywood distributors that there is an audience for this film.

Please take a few minutes to read my blog. I’d love to hear your feedback. And if at all possible, I would love BWFs support!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! And thank you for your part in empowering me to have an amazing, prepared and empowering birth with my latest little guy (he’s almost 4 months now!)!

Jolene Roth


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