Home Waterbirth After Ovarian Cancer

April 23, 2013

Thank you Jess for your beautiful story! I had my first child in October of 2011 at home surrounded by my family and midwife.  It was 18 hours of hard labor with 3 hours of pushing before he decided to finally show himself to us!  He was perfect! 22 inches and 8.14 lbs!! It was […]

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Birth Attended by Peggy Vincent – Home Birth of Megan

April 4, 2013

The Birth of Megan I wrote this 25 years ago, I have revised it some but these are my words of that very special day. The day of your birth was a warm Indian Summer day, October 3rd. Somehow I felt within me that you would be born that day…. I awoke feeling contractions, yet […]

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I Am Strong {Casey}

April 3, 2013

[Trigger Warning: This story is about a micro-premmie twin birth and loss.] I am strong because I knew, at 26 weeks, I needed to go to the hospital despite not feeling a single contraction. When the doctor told me I was 9cm, baby a was stuck in my birth canal, and we needed to get […]

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The Strength of Words

April 3, 2013

“But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.” – George Orwell I woke up in a daze and headed to go to the bathroom for the 3rd time that morning. I couldn’t believe it was already the 3rd trip this morning, come on, I was only 12 weeks pregnant. The baby isn’t that […]

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Inspirational Natural Hospital Water Birth with Video {Dad Catches Baby!}

March 19, 2013

This birth story came to us with a wonderful message thanking the BWF Blog for all it does. We want to let YOU know – you mothers, you birth warriors, you inspiring women and families – is where this all comes from. We are blessed to share this story and the many others that come […]

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Breech Twin Birth Without Fear

March 18, 2013

This is Mallie, a woman who truly birthed without fear. She moved up from Florida to North Carolina in order to give birth the way she thought best, safely in a friends’ home, naturally with plenty of love and support surrounding her.  Both of Mallie’s twins were born breech after a very quick labor.  The […]

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This is Breastfeeding

February 25, 2013

Lilla Ban sent me this picture to share. I was taken back when I saw it. Not just because it’s gorgeous…a sweet baby, the lighting and breastfeeding, but because it perfectly captures those first few weeks of nursing. The boppy pillow, working on the latch, the way mom is holding her breast and the milk […]

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Birth Without … Me! {A Story of Adoption and Supplemental Nursing}

February 4, 2013

I had NO water breaking, NO contractions, NO C-section, NO vaginal delivery, absolutely NO pain whatsoever; and yet there had been a birth. My daughter was born and needed a tube-feeding right away. Only it’s not what you think. It wasn’t for medical reasons. She was perfectly healthy. My baby and I were meeting each […]

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Intuition of the Modern Woman {Motherhood}

January 29, 2013

“Oftentimes I felt ridiculous giving my seal of approval to what was in reality such a natural thing to do, sort of like reinventing the wheel and extolling its virtues. Had parents’ intuition sunk so low that some strange man had to tell modern women that it was okay to sleep with their babies?” Dr. […]

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The Moment of Birth

January 26, 2013

Most women have never seen birth…until their own. We talk about how it may feel, what we may go through and our experiences. We even share stories and birth pictures. But what does birth really look like? What are our amazing bodies capable of? Growing a person with no detail forgotten to the moment of […]

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