Post Partum

A Small Lesson on Female Etiquette {I’m not pregnant, just fat!}

November 14, 2012

So there I am in the middle of enjoying a lovely afternoon with my boys, rounding it off with a quick stop at the grocery store to grab a few items for dinner when my fantastic mood is brought to a screeching halt. This is what happened… We get in the checkout line and my […]

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Lose the Post Partum Pounds Dancing to Kid DVD’s…

October 24, 2012

Not kidding. So, I’ve had a lot more free time the last week being off Facebook. It’s been rad. Really. My days are low stress with extra time to focus on things I like to do (read, play with kids, make yummy food, blog) and even for things I don’t like so much (cleaning anyone?!). […]

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Mothering the Mother: 40 Days of Rest

October 21, 2012

“The role of the midwife is to be mother to the mother.” (Unknown) We’ve all heard that ‘all that matters is a healthy baby’. We hear it before we give birth, and we hear it after. We hear it when a mother’s had a cesarean and a subsequent infection, when she has Post-Partum Depression and […]

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I am NOT Okay, and THAT’S Okay

October 15, 2012

One of the most (out of many) horrible things about having post-partum depression (PPD) is the silent battle you are constantly fighting, against yourself, alone, while at the same time hoping like crazy that nobody notices that you might be unhappy/stressed/overwhelmed/anxious/you name it. I’m always nervous for people to randomly drop by my house for […]

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Home Birth Story and Post Partum Reflection

September 20, 2012

Written by Rina on July 8th, 2011. Having the knowledge that I would give birth at home, with my midwife Nancy, assisting midwife Noel and doula Machelle, was a huge comfort to me. It was such a relief to know I would be doing the hard work of labor in familiar surroundings and recovering without […]

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Sexual Abuse and Birth

September 12, 2012

Sexual Abuse. This subject, which effects so many silent victims, is a hard one to approach. The damage is not only physical. It is mental, it is emotional, it effects the very spirit. Even for those who seek therapy, it can take a lifetime to heal – some people never heal. For birthing women, this […]

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Baby Blues vs. PPD

July 30, 2012

This is a guest blog post by Jennie from More Than Rubies. “Here is my blog post on my experience with PPD.  After I posted it, I had a lot of moms tell me they didn’t even know they had PPD until they read it, and that it helped them to talk to their husbands. […]

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Encapsulating Placenta for PPD…One Mother’s Experience

July 11, 2012

Sent in by Cynthia. “My son Joseph was born May 7th, 2011-  and after a slight battle with the hospital, I was able to keep my placenta. Didn’t know why I wanted it, just knew I did and I would figure it all out later. I froze our placenta and honestly, pretty much forgot about […]

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Post Partum Depression…Please Don’t Judge

July 9, 2012

Post Partum Depression…Please Don’t Judge By Heather Waddington This blog is hard to write. Even as I am typing this in Word I am debating on whether or not I will actually send it to be put on the web. I’m asking that you please make no assumptions as to the type of person/mother/wife I […]

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