Post Partum

Cord Clamping {Give Me All My Blood!}

February 15, 2013

The Third Stage of Labor is one that is often forgotten. This is the span of time between the birth of the baby and the expulsion of the placenta. The typical medical birth looks like this for the third stage: baby emerges, cord is clamped immediately, baby is taken by a nurse to a warmer, mother […]

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The Hole {A Poem about PPD}

December 15, 2012

Caitlyn shared this poem and picture about her stretch marks with BWF almost a year ago. It was received with love and appreciated by many. She now opens herself and writes this poem about post partum depression {PPD}. Many of you may be able to relate and feel that you are not alone.   The […]

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Birth and Post-Birth Plans: Drafts to Download, Customize and Use!

December 4, 2012

Your little one is about to be born. Nothing compares to nesting with your newborn… And to get there takes some work. And some planning. Many women design birth and post-birth plans to clarify – both for themselves and for their care providers – the kind of birth and postpartum care they need. Birth plans […]

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A Small Lesson on Female Etiquette {I’m not pregnant, just fat!}

November 14, 2012

So there I am in the middle of enjoying a lovely afternoon with my boys, rounding it off with a quick stop at the grocery store to grab a few items for dinner when my fantastic mood is brought to a screeching halt. This is what happened… We get in the checkout line and my […]

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Lose the Post Partum Pounds Dancing to Kid DVD’s…

October 24, 2012

Not kidding. So, I’ve had a lot more free time the last week being off Facebook. It’s been rad. Really. My days are low stress with extra time to focus on things I like to do (read, play with kids, make yummy food, blog) and even for things I don’t like so much (cleaning anyone?!). […]

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Mothering the Mother: 40 Days of Rest

October 21, 2012

“The role of the midwife is to be mother to the mother.” (Unknown) We’ve all heard that ‘all that matters is a healthy baby’. We hear it before we give birth, and we hear it after. We hear it when a mother’s had a cesarean and a subsequent infection, when she has Post-Partum Depression and […]

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I am NOT Okay, and THAT’S Okay

October 15, 2012

One of the most (out of many) horrible things about having post-partum depression (PPD) is the silent battle you are constantly fighting, against yourself, alone, while at the same time hoping like crazy that nobody notices that you might be unhappy/stressed/overwhelmed/anxious/you name it. I’m always nervous for people to randomly drop by my house for […]

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Home Birth Story and Post Partum Reflection

September 20, 2012

Written by Rina on July 8th, 2011. Having the knowledge that I would give birth at home, with my midwife Nancy, assisting midwife Noel and doula Machelle, was a huge comfort to me. It was such a relief to know I would be doing the hard work of labor in familiar surroundings and recovering without […]

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Sexual Abuse and Birth

September 12, 2012

Sexual Abuse. This subject, which effects so many silent victims, is a hard one to approach. The damage is not only physical. It is mental, it is emotional, it effects the very spirit. Even for those who seek therapy, it can take a lifetime to heal – some people never heal. For birthing women, this […]

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