• When is Being a Mother Going to Be Enough?
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  • A Birth Story of an {Emergency} C-Section
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  • The Births of 2 Miracle Babies {2 Preemies, 2 NICU stays, 1 Strong Mother}
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  • A Natural Hospital Water Birth
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When is Being a Mother Going to Be Enough?

by Mrs. BWF on July 24, 2014

The short answer is, it always has been.

Mothers, we have the hardest and most important job. It’s that simple and true. That job alone is monumental, ever changing, priceless and too great to put in a status update. It’s THAT big. 

On top of this, we work, serve, sleep little, support our spouses, and take on extra responsibilities. 

We need to slow down. We are over doing it. I completely put myself in this category too. It is unhealthy to never slow down, to not sleep enough, and to not enjoy the small stuff.

We all know how hard days can be and that life is not perfect. We already have enough to work on without adding to our load. What we seem to have forgotten is that our purpose in life is already HUGE.

It’s OK to use our talents for other things, of course. I do! However, while I feel ‘balance’ is a word we chase without ever catching, we can prioritize. We really can. We may say we are too busy or that we can’t because of x-y-z, but we can.

It’s a choice.

It feels like a hard one. I have gotten very little sleep the last few years with post partum depression and working on BWF being my best “excuses.” As I watch friends, acquaintances and people in general overdo it, I realize I am as well. I don’t want health problems, or to not be present with my children. For what? A few extra dollars or recognition? To be able to glorify being busy?

No thank you.

Raising my children to be amazing, successful, loving adults is the best thing I can do for this world. It is the best thing you can do for this world. It’s the best thing we can do for each other.

By slowing down, I have gotten more rest and sleep. My anxiety is reducing and I am truly enjoying ‘normal’ days with my family.

Go on lazy walks, take naps or watch a show while your kids rest, have a playdate with a friend, go to bed early, spend less time on social media, have a date night with your spouse, etc. Be present for YOU.

We can do other things, but we must take care of our minds and bodies and prioritize. I hope that I can continue to do this and inspire a few of you to do the same. 

And remember, you don’t owe anyone an explanation. Only you and your spouse/partner know what is best for you and that even changes as life does. We can’t begin to explain what we have been through or are going through to justify our choices to others. So simply just do what is best for your family.

birth without fear

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