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Bummis Duo Bright All-In-2 Deluxe Review

by Mama Bice on October 1, 2014

As a cloth diapering mom for the majority of the past three and a half years, I am always excited to try a new diaper on my kids. When Bummis asked for a review of their Duo Bright All-In-2 Deluxe Pack, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this brand that somehow I had never used before.

The “fluffy mail” arrived and I ooohh-ed and aaaaahh-ed over the adorable pattern and how soft the inserts were, even before washing. The print they sent was “Elephant Tales” – a gender neutral and oh so cute print. My husbands first impression was, “Oh, we don’t have any elephants yet – cool” (he is an Alabama football fan). He was also happy to see that the diapers are made in North America (Canadian made, with fabrics from the USA). I had to take a picture right away, as is my habit when I (I mean my kids) get new fluff.

Bummis All-In-2

I washed the inserts and wrap, just putting them into a load of diapers I had going in that day. Washed and dried and ready – and then my little bug got sick. We had to switch to disposible diapers while the illness took its course so that I could use copius amounts of diaper cream. So our adorable new fluff waited and waited…almost two weeks. The agony!

Once little Archer was feeling much better and no longer covered in diaper cream, I excitedly pulled out the new diapers. And he did this:


And this:


He doesn’t hold still for photos. Sigh. But as you can see – he was more than able to move and shake in this comfy wrap.

My first impressions of this All-In-2 apart from being adorable and soft:

  • The wrap is really stretchy – you don’t always find this with wraps/covers, and it really helps it fit snug without creating impressions in the skin.
  • The inserts snap in easily. Unlike other AI2′s I have used, this set has only one snap – and that is a good thing! It has one snap and you know where it goes – no confusing extra snaps or configuring multiple layers of inserts. Just snap and go. The snap is also in a place where it will not leave marks on the skin.
  • The inserts have two sides to choose from – the organic cotton side or the polyester side. We decided to use it polyester side up for a more “stay dry” feeling. Both sides are amazingly soft and smooth.
  • The insert does not bunch or move around, even on my super mobile baby who crawls around at lightning speed. No diaper wedgie = happy baby. No leaking to the gussets!
  • Snaps are bullet-proof – even with my curious boy pulling on them (hard!) the snaps stayed in place.

We went through all three inserts in one day and we left on one set a bit longer than normal to test the absorbancy. My kids are notorious “pee pots” (heavy wetters), and even with three hours between changes for that longer test we had no leaks and the insert didn’t seem totally soaked. Considering we had only washed and dried one time so far this is impressive – given that the inserts are cotton they will get more absorbent through the next few wash/dry cycles.

I did try to use the diaper at night with the deluxe booster provided. While we didn’t last all night, it did hold a lot. As mentioned, my little guy is a heavy wetter – even more so at night. He is also a year old now – I would think this would have held up for overnight when he was younger and had less output. The booster will be great for trips out to help the diaper change last a wee bit longer.

The fit was amazing due to the really stretchy wrap, and I did manage to sneak a few photos of the fit and the double gussets. I am a double gusset fanatic – they are the bullet proof way to keep in breastfed poops in the early months.


In this photo you can even see my super awesome leggings I found for $3. (Sorry, I like to brag about my bargains).


The diaper was relatively trim and fit under his normal size pants without an issue, an added plus when we wear cloth out of the house. We didn’t have any “wing droop” due to the well placed double row of buttons on the front. I really could not find any fault in the fit!

These All-In-2′s come in two sizes – size 1 for 8-20lbs, and size 2 for 20-35lbs. They have two “rises” to adjust the fit within each size as well as rows of buttons at the waist that are closely spaced, giving a really custom fit. My little guy is 12 months, and about 21lbs right now. I did not put the rise down since he is long-waisted, but he is on the second from the middle set of waist snaps. He has a lot of growing room to go in this diaper. For many families, a longer fit in a diaper means money saved – and no one can object to that.

This diaper will definitely be in the top of my stash now and I will grab for it often! 10/10 Bummis!

***This review was requested by Bummis and the diaper provided to me. However, all views are my own.



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