A Supported TOLA2C Cesarean Birth Story

March 5, 2013

A little background about why I started to seek out a way to birth the way I knew my body was able to. First we start with my first born, Bridgit, who is currently 4 and half.  She’s a spit fire just like her mom, who knows what she wants and will do what it […]

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HBAC with PROM, Fast Dilation, Long Pushing Stage {Previous Cesarean with Twins}

March 4, 2013

My water broke at 10pm on Saturday night. It was a distinct popping sensation, followed by a gush of fluid that left me in no doubt about what had just happened. It was the night before my due date, and one way or another, my third son would be earthside soon. Now, maybe I should […]

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River Violet’s Birth Story: HBA2C

February 27, 2013

For the past nine months Raul and I have been preparing for a HBA2C (home birth after 2 c-sections). We read all the books (Ina May was my favourite), watched all the documentaries and took a Bradley class to educate ourselves on the process. We were well versed in the “mechanics” of labour, but there […]

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Amazing Breech VBAC {Fast hospital birth with pictures}

February 26, 2013

My first 2 babies were quick & easy induced vaginal births. My 3rd baby was delivered by caesarean section (in Jan 2011), as she was breech. A c/s was something I never wanted, yet the Drs insisted (via scaremongering crap) I have one due to her breech position. I was happy to go ahead with […]

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The Moment {Planned HBA2C, Unplanned Unassisted}

February 21, 2013

You posted a photo of “the moment” and it reminded me so much of my own. Especially because that moment is something I had waited for through 2 attempted vaginal births that turned into c-sections… I was told I was broken. I was told it would never happen and I couldn’t try. I KNEW BETTER! […]

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A Healing HypnoBirth {Natural Hospital VBAC In Australia}

February 21, 2013

The pregnancy My birthing journey started long before my labour. In fact, it started before my pregnancy. My first daughter, ‘Moosh’, was born via emergency cesarean after a long labour and traumatic set of circumstances. My grandfather (who I lived with for 15 years) passed away three days before my ‘due’ date, and surges started almost instantly. […]

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Long Labor Ends with Beautiful HBAC

December 13, 2012

For months and months I had dreamt of this moment. The moment when my daughter would be here and I would be able to say that I did it. I had my home birth after cesarean  I imagined what my birth story would contain and couldn’t wait to write it. And now, that the time […]

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The VBAC High

December 8, 2012

This is what a VBAC high looks like! Not just for mom, but dad as well. Accomplishing something that was fought so hard for. This pictures caputres the VBAC moment so well. Melissa Cate Photogarphy says, ” The first birth mama pushed 4 hours in the hospital on her back with an epidural, and even […]

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VBAC in a Hotel

December 7, 2012

Our H(otel)BAC by Niki T. Joey’s birth story began 21 months before his actual birth, during the cesarean birth of our second child. She had presented with both hands first (double nuchal hand presentation) during an AROM. Of course hindsight is 20/20 and looking back I can see each domino that landed me in that […]

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