Due Dates

Choosing to Have a Happy Birth

January 21, 2016

“Come on baby, eviction notice has been posted!” At 42 weeks pregnant, I feared induction or possibly a C-section. I only wanted to give birth naturally, knowing Pitocin’s negative effects on the body and the instantaneous increase in likelihood of a C-section. I didn’t want to be near a hospital. I did everything to get […]

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Homebirth Filled with Patience and Love {Water Birth & Cord Burning}

October 10, 2014

On Friday, April 18th, your daddy, sister, and I were leaving the house for dinner.  I had just stepped outside when I felt a small gush. I joked with your dad that maybe my water was leaking. We went about our evening and had a lovely dinner and then went for a short walk. As […]

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A Surprisingly Quick Natural Birth

December 10, 2012

My little Rainbow baby is finally here and, between the chaos of the first few weeks and our soon-to-be relocation to Florida, things have been a whirlwind around here. No less a whirlwind than his birth though! From the beginning I decided to make this my most natural birth to date. I decided on no […]

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A Story of Patience; 20 Years of Waiting, 44 weeks Gestation, an Unassisted Birth!

October 29, 2012

After three horrendous inductions that took three days apiece, I decided that this time it was going to be different, that my son (after five girls and 20 years of trying), as my last child, HAD to have a gentle birth and I NEEDED a positive birth experience. I got researching, spending hours and hours trawling the internet, […]

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AROM and OB’s First Vaginal Birth with a Prolapsed Cord!

October 25, 2012

I woke up on August 15th 2012, contracting. Nothing too strong or in a good pattern but I figured I would call my doctor since I was 36 weeks and five days (or so we thought). I called him and he told me that if my water broke or I had contractions every four minutes […]

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Faith and Healing: A ‘Post Dates’ Home Birth After a Cesarean

August 23, 2011

This story was sent in by Melissa. Her birth is inspiring in many ways. She listened to her body, her intuition and was not hesitant to get a little help when needed. Thank you Melissa for sharing your VBAC journey with the BWF Community! ~Mrs. BWF To gain a little insight of why I had […]

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