All’s Well That Ends Well: A Surprise Breech Birth

November 9, 2016

After a smooth and complication-free pregnancy, I expected my birth to be no different. I had chosen a free-standing birth center and a team of midwives for my care providers, took Bradley Method classes, and felt ready to have a pretty run of the mill, unmedicated, intervention-free birth. Little did we know what was in […]

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Whole and Both in the Same World

October 27, 2016

Mavis was born on a Sunday. It was her due date, so naturally, we weren’t expecting her to arrive that day. On Saturday, I cleaned all day. I went and bought a new book, expecting to go overdue. I made a beautiful home cooked meal and I snuggled my oldest at nap time. I think […]

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4 Practical Tips for Capturing the Essence of Your Birth Story

October 25, 2016

Giving birth in a few week’s time? You must be excited to see your little bundle of joy. Why not make the most out of your birthing experience by documenting it? You can preserve the best memories of your birth story with a photo book or a photo collage printed on photo paper, metal, canvas, […]

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Organic Baby Food 24

October 25, 2016 is one of the top vendors of authentic, organic baby formula across Europe. We obtain our formula from wholesalers that we have worked with since 2013. We deal directly with the wholesalers on a regular basis. As a result, we are immediately informed of any recalls or potential issues with the formula. Normally, all orders are […]

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Cesarean Scar is a Daily Reminder of Power…

October 21, 2016

When I took this picture I did not realize the impact it would have on me. It is worth so many words. I wanted to share it, then didn’t, then do again. After my first cesarean birth someone said to me, “You will never know what it’s like to give birth to a baby” because […]

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Proud of My Scar

October 19, 2016

When I posted this picture last week, I had no idea that it would have had the impact it has. I never thought I would share the picture but something made me post it. Little did I know that one picture on my Instagram (with only 200 or so followers may I add) would have […]

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Oh, That Smile – From Preeclampsia to Emergency C-Section to NICU

October 18, 2016

It’s that feeling you get as a pregnant woman. The one that’s like, “Holy crap, this is finally happening. I’m finally going to have this baby.” However, for me, I experienced those feelings more than once with my first daughter. I was starting to show signs of preeclampsia in the 28th week of my pregnancy. […]

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Self Love Movement is Not an Excuse…

October 13, 2016

(Editor’s note: This was originally posted on March 14, 2014.) People are talking more and more about self love, self acceptance, and body positivity. And it’s awesome. It truly is. The world will be better for it. There are, however, people who are anti-self love. Yes, you read that right. There are people who get […]

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The Powerful Experience of One Woman’s Homebirth

October 12, 2016

With the birth of my first daughter in 2013 I thought I knew everything needed to have a natural birth. I hired a midwife, read books, researched, and read more books. None of that prepared me for labor or for my new role as a mother. Little did I know that while my midwife yessed […]

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