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I Am Strong – Becoming a Mom at 15

I Am Strong – Becoming a Mom at 15

I was 15. I had just had my last day of freshman year. Summer was starting. Little did I know that night, I became a Mother. That night a little baby started growing inside of me.

17 weeks passed.

I was partying still. Not having any symptoms. I was still having periods and only threw up twice, so I just thought I was sick. I had been taking pregnancy tests because the condom broke. But they all said no. I started getting stretch marks on my sides, but thought I was just getting larger. I took a pregnancy test when my period finally stopped coming and it finally gave me the correct answer.

I told the father, he told me to get an abortion. I told my mother I was going to do adoption—so a family that had the means to support my child could. My Mom supported that, but also told me if I wanted to keep my child she would care for us financially. I went to the doctor and found out I was having a girl. The same day that my pregnancy was truly confirmed by ultrasound I was told I was having a girl, that I’m 17 weeks pregnant and regardless of the foolish things I had done my baby was perfectly healthy.

I am strong because I packed up and moved states. This was due to everyone just wanting to fight me in school because I wouldn’t get an abortion and “was ruining his life.” My due date was 2/15/12. On 2/13/12 I was in the hospital. My child was moving like crazy, but I couldn’t feel or see her anymore. I was admitted and put on Pitocin. Hours went by, and I wasn’t progressing very fast, so they broke my water. It was such a yucky feeling. Hours passed and I was getting so exhausted from the contractions; I knew I needed sleep if I was going to push my baby out.

They bumped up my pitocin and my baby stopped breathing. When they reduced the piton, my baby was fine. My contractions were still going. I got the epidural and went to sleep. I woke up to the nurses freaking out. The shift change had happened and no one told the new nurse that my baby couldn’t handle the stress of the pitocin. It had been up for so long that my baby had no heart beat or wasn’t breathing. So here I am, 15 years old fighting with the nurses about them saying my mom couldn’t come back with me. Finally they agreed my mom could come back.

On Valentine’s Day my baby was born via c-section.

I am strong because I’ve made it almost two years. I’m now 17, almost 18 with an amazingly beautiful little girl that’s almost 2. I dropped out of high school and got my GED. I became a state registered nursing assistant. My Mom helped me out for about a year and then of course will help me out whenever I need it.  My little girl’s dad has not helped a single bit and only came to see her once.

I am strong because I’ve made it this far being a single mother and I’m doing a great job. She’s my only pregnancy and it will stay that way for a while. I’m strong because even through having fibromyalgia I’m the best mom I can be.

I am Strong 15

– Emily M

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