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Birth Without Fear started out as a simple thought one day in May of 2010 when January Harshe laid her fourth kiddo down for an afternoon nap. Since then, Birth Without Fear has turned into the preeminent voice for options, support, and respect for women and families in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum online, on Facebook, and on Instagram.

Due to Birth Without Fear’s success, Take Back PostpartumDon’t Forget Dads, and Parenting Without Fear were created on Instagram to show all of the variations of normal during postpartum, fatherhood, and parenthood, respectively. January maintains her own personal Instagram account where she shares about self love, self care, and everyday mom life.

In 2017, January and her husband Brandon started The Harshē Podcast to share about their wild, busy, hilarious lives as parents to six kids. They’ve discussed topics ranging from coffee, tattoos, and mental health to their birth stories, postpartum experiences, and sex!

The inaugural Birth Without Fear Conference was held on October 12-13, 2013 in Arlington, TX with 155 attendees and 20 vendors. Since then, January has held over 80 Birth Without Fear themed events across the United States and Canada, with attendance and vendors surpassing 200 and 20 for numerous events, respectively. Only two Birth Without Fear Conferences will be held in 2018: one overseas in Sydney, NSW, Australia and one in Portland, OR.

Advertising with Birth Without Fear et al. 

We have a very strong and engaged social media community with some of the most amazing and supportive interaction you will find anywhere.

We make it a point to get to the root of what you have to offer and maximize your product’s reach to our highest potential.

We are very proud of the successful relationships we have forged with sponsors over the years and look forward to doing the same with you.

Sponsor Testimonials

“January is a real mama with a real heart for others.  She connects with her audience in a way that disarms and supports, allowing mamas to share their very personal struggles and victories without fear of judgement.  As a longtime supporter of Birth Without Fear, Earth Mama Organics has been drawn into January’s vibrant community in a most authentic way so that our mission and products are shared as real-life stories instead of pre-planned commercials.” – Earth Mama Organics

“We’ve always loved Birth Without Fear’s authentic voice, and admired their deep commitment to a profound mission. Now having worked with Birth Without Fear over the last year, I can also say they have become one of the most important drivers to our site. When Birth Without Fear features something, pregnant and new moms listen…closely! We love the Birth Without Fear audience – so positive, and so much energy! This is a tribe to be a part of. We can’t recommend giveaways with Birth Without Fear highly enough.” – Natalie Gordon, CEO BabyList

“We had the best experience with doing a giveaway with Birth Without Fear! The post was very organic which gained more participation from followers!  In return, we gained a lot of new followers on our Instagram page!  In fact, it was the most successful giveaway we have ever had! We totally recommend working with Birth Without Fear!!!” – Jen & Mel, The Vintage Honey Shop

Website, Social Media, & Podcast Analytics

Birth Without Fear Blog
Date site launched: October 25, 2010
Total visits since launch date: Over 9 million unique visitors to date
Average visits per year: Over 1 million unique visitors
Average visits per month: Over 100,000 unique visitors


Birth Without Fear
Community of 395,000
Weekly reach ranging in the millions


Birth Without Fear
Weekly impressions of over 1 million
Weekly reach of over 130,000
Story reach ranges between 8,000 and 10,000 per post

Don’t Forget Dads
Weekly impressions of over 600,000
Weekly reach of over 197,000
Story reach ranges between 8,000 and 10,000 per post

Take Back Postpartum
Weekly impressions of 350,000
Weekly reach of over 71,000
Story reach ranges between 6,000 and 8,000 per post

January Harshe
An engaged community of 55,000 followers
Story reach ranges between 2,000 and 4,000 per post


The Harshē Podcast
First episode: July 21, 2017
Total downloads (as of January 1, 2020): 303,000
iTunes rating: 5 star average out of 199 ratings
#76 ranking in Comedy on iTunes after only 3 episodes

Podcast Testimonials

“Listening to your podcast while I nurse my 3 month old. I never really got into podcasts but I absolutely love yours! I can relate to the family thinking you’re still who you were when you were a kid–like when I was a 13 year old, mouthy girl. I needed to hear when you said NOT to let them bring me down. I’m not thst adolescent anymore. Thank you!”

“I can really feel the presence of you guys through your podcast! I feel like I am just talking with good friends and it’s refreshing and funny!”

“I will just say that I made the mistake of listening to this podcast in the office. I have now laughed so hard I snorted and cried so hard I had to ask a co-worker for tissues. Brandon and January will hit you right in the feels. I can’t wait to hear more!”

“January and Brandon are relatable, funny, supportive of one another, and so committed to their family, all while trying to change the world! This is a great podcast, no matter your stage in life. They have been through it all (and then some), and share their story with humor and solidarity, but without judgment.”

“My husband generally does not care for my choice of podcasts but this one he will gladly listen to with me! We love the real talk that Brandon and January have, it opens up conversations between us that I feel we would not necessarily have. This podcast is funny, insightful, and full of inspiration and witty banter!

“Y’all are absolutely amazing! My husband and I listened to episode 3 together and now he’s starting to listen as well on his own! I cried during this episode because it struck so close to home. Thank you!!!”

“My favorite part of the week is when this podcast comes out! It feels like talking to friends. Some stuff is just funny and some is really inspiring. I love the Harshes so much!”

Podcast & Social Media Sponsorship Pricing

Three (3) month minimum commitment for all options.
10% discount with one (1) year commitment. 


Two (2) 60 second preroll ads on The Harshē Podcast per month (1 ad per episode)

Product description and link in show notes,, and Birth Without Fear Blog for each episode

Social Media
$750.00 $199.00 (limited sale)

One (1) social media platform share with a corresponding swipe-up link in the stories.

*Bonus – each Instagram story will also be shared to the corresponding Facebook page story.

Unicorn Magic

Two (2) 60 second preroll ads on The Harshē Podcast per month (1 ad per episode)

Product description and link in show notes,, and Birth Without Fear Blog for each episode

One (1) social media platform share per month  

Birth Without Fear on Facebook or Instagram 

Instagram STORY share on all Instagram accounts and highlighted on bio page for 14 days 

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