• Speedy {Literally Outside of the} Hospital Birth

    We received an email from Emily Robinson Photography last night about a wild birth she attended the night before that she thought we might like to share. YES! Wild is right! Mama didn’t even make it into the hospital (until after the babe was born)! The midwife was serendipitously right there when they pulled up and calmly caught the baby…

  • Birth of Tyler {Home Birth}

    I just hope to help inspire someone to do a home birth. It is the most wonderful experience I wish every mother could experience! – Stephanie It all started on the due date, August 29, 2011. Brett and I went to our regular appointment with our midwife, Lisa, at noon. She checked blood pressure, heart rate, measurement, and position as usual…

  • Birth Photostory | Rebecca Colefax Photography

    “This beautiful family of 5 just became a family of 6! Labour was very fast and extremely powerful – but mummy was strong, empowered and courageous. A wonderful inspiration to her daughter who was present throughout and was the best little birthing assistant I’ve ever seen. This birth was an amazing experience for me as a photographer for this was…

  • The Hopistal Birth of Iris

    My pregnancy with Iris was much more different than her big brother, Dominic’s. I had morning sickness for the entire first trimester. I never vomited, which I’m grateful for, but I was nauseous all day.  At 29 weeks, I started getting very crampy, almost like menstrual cramps. I called my OB and spoke to the triage nurse. She kept telling…

  • Born In The Caul {Photo Post}

    This means that the amniotic sac doesn’t rupture during the birth and that the head is born still covered in the membrane. It doesn’t happen very often even in natural births. And almost never happens in the hospital because the ‘water’ is so often broken unnaturally. Here are some photos of our son born in the caul. – Andrew

  • Epic HBA2C After a Surrogacy

    The Prequel to the Sequel There are so many ways to begin the story of Osiris’ birth, whether that be by marking the arrival of contractions and prodromal labor, the arrival of my birth posse or possibly what kicked me into active labor, a handcrafted cheesy In & Out burger, fries and a beer. But what makes this birth story…

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