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Birth Without Fear Conference in Sydney, NSW, Australia – May 26, 2018

Birth Without Fear Conference in Sydney, NSW, Australia – May 26, 2018

find your village, birth without fear, january harsheGet ready to join January Harshe for the first ever Birth Without Fear Conference in Australia! We will be celebrating the eight year anniversary of Birth Without Fear, in Sydney, and we want you to come help us celebrate!

Register for the Birth Without Fear Conference in Sydney, NSW, Australia here!

This will be an intimate day of inspiration, support, and validation the likes of which January Harshe and Birth Without Fear have become known for. When the event is over, you will leave with a sense of empowerment that you can do anything you put your mind to!

Registration will open at 9am AEST and this is where you will receive a Goodie Bag with some of January’s favorite items! We will have coffee, tea, and definitely need unicorn cake and goodies to celebrate!

Register for the Birth Without Fear Conference in Sydney, NSW, Australia here!

The Birth Without Fear Conference will then begin at 10am AEST (10:15am Global Standard Momma Time) with January Harshe offering her signature brand of inspiration on the topics of pregnancy, birth, postpartum, self care, self love, and body positivity throughout the entire day.

Further details on the Birth Without Fear Conference, including the schedule, guest speaker(s), and a VIP ticket option will be announced soon, so make sure to follow January and Birth Without Fear on social media for those updates!

Register for the Birth Without Fear Conference in Sydney, NSW, Australia here!


General Admission $99.00 USD

VIP Add On: Coming Soon

*Lap children are more than welcome to this event. 

**Pictures may be taken, but video recording will not be allowed.

***Schedule and venue are subject to change.

****All ticket sales are final. No refunds. Transfers allowed up to 30 days prior to the event.

find your village, birth without fear, january harshe

What Is Find Your Village Anyways?

What Is Find Your Village Anyways?

We get comments here, Facebook, Instagram, and in emails wondering what our Find Your Village events are all about. They are about empowerment, inspiration, information, and validation for you and your husband or partner. There is no one size fits all choice to make in pregnancy, birth, postpartum, self love, or self care and the Find Your Village events allow you to open up and feel the way you do without the judgement of friends, family, or society.

Despite what we read and see in the media, we are ALL in this together and Find Your Village events help you to do just that: find a village of women who want to support and be supported just as much as you do!

Below are some of the comments people have made about Find Your Village events:

“I have so much love and respect for this wonderful lady right here! I have spent the last week really enjoying being a mama and being pregnant. Spending the day at the Find Your Village event in Denver and all the wonderful people there was so amazing! Here is to real life connection, conversation, and raising our vibes as a tribe. So much love.” @lovingmamadoula

find your village, bwf conference

“So much love. So much validation. So much honesty. So connected. So many beautiful souls. And so awesome to meet finally this badass mama, January. Can we be best friends, please?” @danielle.forsberg


“Got to meet the awesome January Harshe today! Thank you to you, and your husband, for all that you do to empower and support women! You are truly an inspiration to so many, we need more of you in the world. Because of you I was able to Birth Without Fear, thank you!” @stku13

find your village, bwf conference

“Gonna be honest here. This is me after a 12 hour graveyard shift, 1 hour nap, no coffee and a 90 minute drive to Queen Anne. I was so beyond emotional and finally meeting January Harshe after 3 years was the highlight of my month. January, thank you for coming to Seattle. Thank you for many of your famous hugs and thank you, thank you, thank you for being you. I shared a vey small bit of my story (birth to postpartum to 2 years later aka now) I didn’t have the courage to share it all, but I shared some. That alone, made me feel better, safe and made me finally see I WASN’T ALONE. Today made me open my eyes and realize things I didn’t realize before. Slowly but surely everything will work itself out and I will be okay again.” @k_paz3

find your village, bwf conference, january harshe

“If you have any interest in babies, pregnancy, postpartum, self-love, or just being a fucking badass woman, educate yourself and follow this goddess. She is a personal hero and I got to hear her speak today for almost six hours. I am confident in saying that following her for the last three years has had a huge impact on the way I see parenthood and womanhood. January, THANK YOU.” @gabriella_eve

find your village, bwf conference, january harshe

“Thank you to this badass mama January Harshe for keeping it real and having the strength to share your story with so many. Today was full of laughs and tears among women who entered as strangers, but left as empowered sisters.” @ashley____mae

bwf conference, find your village, january harshe

“Yesterday was full of beauty. Beautiful people. Beautiful mamas. Beautiful babies. Beautiful stories. Beautiful interaction. Each day I think of 3 amazing things I’m grateful for. Yesterday were these 2 beauties. January Harshe preaching it and keeping it really real (with love) with us mamas and my boy who brings joy to my world every day. Thank you Birth Without Fear for being a resource while I was pregnant with this miracle and also during the lonely times postpartum – forever grateful.” @fitwhit86

bwf conference, find your village, january harshe

“Do you ever listen to someone speak and their message makes you shake your head in agreement repeatedly and laugh and want to give solidarity fist bumps and toss up praise hands and sometimes even your eyes leak because it’s just so good? That’s me when listening to January Harshe. This woman is a blessing to other women and I’m grateful for her voice.” @mrs.cnv

bwf conference, find your village, january harshe

“You guys…. Thank you January Harshe SOOOOO much for making it out here to Albuquerque! This meetup was the best thing I could have done and I feel so much better about so many things leaving here today.” @_biancafernandez__

find your village, bwf conference, january harshe

“Had an awesome time at Find Your Village and it was great meeting January Harshe such a great group of women we had offering support and validation of what we all go through as mothers! Thank you January for taking the time from your family to come spend with us here in Grand Rapids!” @heathbar4687

find your village, birth without fear, january harshe

“You rocked my world today. The openness of this setting and the real raw emotions felt and heard today, were just far more than I could have ever imagined would happen. Today I shared it all. From my first birth to my last, to my miscarriage and all the feelings and emotions surrounding postpartum healing, breastfeeding, wetnursing, and everything in between. Today was real. Today is what every mother needs. Find your tribe ladies. Don’t travel this road alone for another day.” ~Sara Swick.

find your village, birth without fear, january harshe

“Seriously one of the best days ever! I am so thankful and grateful for the opportunity to meet and talk to this beautiful soul today. January, you are an amazing woman and thank you so much for helping me through 2 pregnancies and postpartum life and being a voice for so many women. You truly are an inspiration.” @kaybay0089

find your village, birth without fear, january harshe

“I have followed this beautiful human since before I became a mom and today I got to not only listen to her speak (which I could have done all day) but also meet her, hug her, and feel the incredible love that simply radiates from her. On top of that, I got to connect with other women in a way that is open, honest, and raw. It is so comforting to listen to others and know that, even though our stories may be different, we are all in this together. Thank you, January Harshe, for holding space for all of us today and facilitating this much needed connection.” @mandalynnharris

january harshe, birth without fear, find your village

“When January herself lets you cry on her shoulder while she hugs you and holds your newborn baby. I’m so happy that this moment was captured regardless of how I feel I look. I’ve always admired January Harshe but she is even more inspirational in person and I mean that on a very deep level. She is strong. We are strong. I will never forget this experience.” ~Jackie Pollack

find your village, birth without fear, january harshe

“Today was so amazing. Missy and I not only got a much needed girl day together, but we got to listen to birth stories, were surrounded by strong women, and reminded that we all have a voice. Thank you January Harshe for being such an amazing woman. You have been inspiring me for almost a year now, so to see you in person and hear you speak on things that are so near and dear to your heart was wonderful. Thank you for what you do, you have impacted both mine and Missy’s life so much. You rock, boo.” @nstreeter88

find your village, birth without fear, january harshe


March 17 – New York City NEXT WEEK!!! January and Brandon will both be there to inspire and validate moms AND dads!

April 1 – Vancouver, BC, Canada We went to Toronto last year and loved it! Join us on Canada’s west coast for an amazing day you won’t forget!

April 15 – Austin, TX January’s and Brandon’s hometown! A day of inspiration and validation in a super relaxing environment!

April 29 – Minneapolis… Only three (3) tickets left! January’s first time back since 2014!

July 8 – Portland, OR… Still a few months away, but tickets are already almost sold out!


Join us for a day of solidarity, inspiration, and empowerment. You won’t regret it!

Vendor Sponsorship Once Again Open for 2017 “Find Your Village” Events

Vendor Sponsorship Once Again Open for 2017 “Find Your Village” Events

Due to many requests, we are opening vendor opportunities again for 2017 events. There will be just THREE spots available per city. If you would like to be a local vendor-sponsor please CLICK HERE and we will respond with more information via email.

birth without fear, bwf conference, bwf meetup,


This is your opportunity to not only attend the Birth Without Fear Conference in Vancouver, BC, Canada, but to also network and promote your business at one of the most amazing pregnancy, birth, and motherhood events in the world!

For local vendors, you will have the opportunity to reach local mothers and families. For product vendors this is the perfect place to sell and show off your products.

We are accepting only a limited number of vendors for this event. If you are interested in being a vendor for the BWF Conference, click on the link below to begin the application process!

Birth Without Fear Vancouver, BC Conference Vendor Registration

*Subject to changes.

**Please keep in mind that if you are approved as a vendor at one of our events and you must cancel for any reason, there are no refunds within 90 days or less of an event. 

The Blood, Sweat, and Tears Needed for Birth Without Fear: Mr. BWF’s Take

The Blood, Sweat, and Tears Needed for Birth Without Fear: Mr. BWF’s Take

nurooBirth Without Fear has become more than just a mere Facebook page, and much more than a simple blog. It has become a juggernaut of pregnancy/birthing/postpartum support for all women that has never before existed, an actual movement of women believing that giving birth, no matter the methods or the outcome, is indeed a blessing and not a scary condition to always be monitored in the antiseptic setting of a hospital.

But behind this movement of support for women from all walks of life comes work and more challenges than anyone reading the Facebook page or the blog could ever humanly imagine.

The Growth of Birth Without Fear

Birth Without Fear was originally just a Facebook page, a simple little side project that January thought would help some other women. That turned into a thousand women. Two thousand women. Multiple thousands of women. Updates and inspirational quotes and uplifting support for women giving birth via cesareans in a hospital setting, at home in a birthing tub, in a birthing center, or whatever other method of childbirth women choose to experience. Your choices don’t determine whether Birth Without Fear will support you or not. Your choices are your choices and Birth Without Fear will support them all equally. And therein was the source of the Facebook page’s phenomenal growth.

Then came the numerous hours of HTML coding joy to construct a website sufficient for the needs of women reading from all over the world, which is still, and always will be, an ongoing process. Should that word be bolded or not? What font to use for the navigation bar? What should the header image look like? What color do we want the hyperlinks to be? How wide should the content margins be? Most recently, with so much traffic crashing the site, do we upgrade to a dedicated server or a virtual private server? A lot of seemingly miniscule decisions that, as a whole, can make or break the aesthetics of a website that trumpets the vital and important message of a woman’s right to choose a fearless and supportive birth experience.

Articles were next. Having been through the gamut of birthing experiences, January had no shortage of material to work with and write about. From birthing providers, to birthing experiences, to the actual labor process itself, postpartum (the good and the bad), breastfeeding… The list could go on and on. And it continues to go on and on. Every day. Multiple times a day.

Birth stories started coming in after that. And coming in. And pouring in. And flooding in. Hundreds and hundreds of birth stories that have been put up on the this site, with, no joke, three years’ worth of birth stories waiting to be sifted through in email. And with birth stories comes editing (because, no offense, not everyone is an English major, and January and I are spelling and grammar sticklers), and formatting, and adding photos. A time consuming process. I know. I’ve done all this personally.

Within the last year, website and Facebook admins have been brought on to assist Birth Without Fear in its unbelievable growth and presence, these admins giving up so much of their own time to help other women receive the support they long and crave and need. Sponsors have come on board to show their support for Birth Without Fear. January has been sought out to speak regularly at events around the country. And we put on the first ever Birth Without Fear Conference in October 2013 in Arlington, TX. That, in and of itself, is no small feat, let me assure you.

In short, the growth has been astronomical and nothing either of us imagined back in 2010 when a little ol’ Facebook page called Birth Without Fear launched.

Behind the Scenes of Birth Without Fear

In Birth Without Fear’s early days, back when it was just a Facebook page, I didn’t give it much thought. That wasn’t for very long because January’s message of support was getting out to a lot of women in a very short amount of time.

After about six months, January decided to start up the website to support the Facebook page. We had just recently moved back up to Dallas from Austin with very little money after my associateship went sour, so it was a very challenging time for our family. I was very stressed about having to suddenly hit the reset button on my chiropractic career, and spending my free time staring at HTML code was a distraction from all that. January began posting up articles, and they were more than well-received. It seemed like a lot of women were starved for some kind of support or validation from their past experiences. January was pregnant with #5, a.k.a. Mini, at the time, so she was in the pregnancy/birthing zone.

And then the hate came on. We were totally caught off guard. Women scarred from traumatic birth experiences wrought by irresponsible or careless providers saw Birth Without Fear as only about having a natural childbirth at home, and they attacked like a feeding frenzy of sharks. Three weeks out from giving birth to our fifth child, one individual made some particularly heartless comment on the blog that you just don’t say to a pregnant woman preparing to give birth to her own child. There were many others that attacked, on Facebook and the blog, and it was relentless. I was concerned watching January go through this as we were about to attempt a second unassisted homebirth. I was really angry about all of it. In fact, I hated Birth Without Fear and all the trouble it was bringing into my wife’s life and that it might ultimately affect our birthing experience in a very negative way. I was really scared for January and for Mini. Ultimately, our second boy was born unassisted at home like we planned and the BWF hate subsided over time. But the postpartum depression was just beginning.

I had a graveyard shift valet parking job at the time to supplement my income while I got my practice off the ground. Six days after Mini was born, I was back at work parking cars for drug dealers, hookers, and drunks proud of their marital infidelity, basically the seedier side of society that crawls out of its hole between the hours of 12:30 and 5:30 in the morning. It made me sick some nights, knowing this was what I had to do to support my family while my wife was at home struggling with recovery from a particularly rough birthing experience.

Eventually I quit the valet job and got some color back in my face after a month’s return to a normal sleeping schedule. The practice was sputtering and going nowhere and we hit a financial rock bottom. Throughout that period, Birth Without Fear and all the women counting on it, and January, for support was all that kept her going. She still didn’t sleep well, still suffered from postpartum depression, and I was struggling to make a practice work as one of seven chiropractors on a single intersection in the North Dallas area. But Birth Without Fear was growing, women were getting support for the first time ever, and they wanted more of what January had to offer.

An opportunity to move to a small West Texas town and open up an instantly busy practice fell into our laps and we jumped on it. It was truly by the grace of God that this happened. It helped us get back on our feet and remove the stress that comes when you have no money and have to keep hitting ignore on the cell phone when the bill collectors call every 15 minutes.

While the practice was doing well, January still was not. Birth Without Fear was growing immensely and January was spending more and more time growing it, on Facebook and through the blog. Too much time by my estimation. I found myself really and truly resentful of Birth Without Fear and how much time she was putting into it without it uplifting her in any way. Yes, there were the positive emails, the ones that praised January for helping to change their lives and open their minds up to a new, positive way of viewing birth. But it seemed like a lot more time was spent dealing with haters, putting out fires, responding to comments on Facebook and the blog and I just didn’t understand why she needed to spend so much time doing all those things. I mean, c’mon, it’s just Facebook we’re talking about here. Right?

Having talked more about it since then and understanding the depths of her postpartum blues, I know now that Birth Without Fear was an outlet for her, that it distracted her from the difficulty of the depression she was suffering from. She was meeting so many great people through Birth Without Fear and even patching up differences with some former haters. It really was bringing goodness into her life, but it was hard for me to see this in a tangible way. All I seemed to focus on was how tired I was of hearing about the people who made nasty comments (and rightfully get banned from the Facebook page), the ridiculous copycats with nothing better to do in life than mimic and mock Birth Without Fear and pretend they’re original, and Facebook’s occasional banning of January for obviously hypocritical reasons. But I slowly started to realize that Birth Without Fear was doing some good things and that, after two years, some people began wanting to be in on it for business reasons. For me, this validated a lot of January’s selfless hard work for so long.

But not all of it. Being a little dense like I am, I just felt that Birth Without Fear was this little side hobby that was bringing in more negativity from haters than I cared to know about. I didn’t care for it, didn’t want to know about it, and couldn’t understand why January was on the computer SO MUCH dealing with it!

We finally sat down and had a talk about Birth Without Fear. I told January that she either needs to give it up or take it to the next level to justify all the time she spent working on it. I felt like it was just there, existing as a good resource for women, but not necessarily doing what it potentially could.

She chose to take it to the next level. She began speaking at events. I had the opportunity to watch her speak to a packed house in Phoenix and Austin. We also decided to go ahead with our own Birth Without Fear Conference.

For those of you who have never planned a conference, I can’t even begin to explain how much planning and work is involved in it. There have been more than a few sleepless nights spent on organizing, planning, and working on the conference website to make it all look the way we want. And still, we are learning as we go. Every single day. Writing up contracts, tweaking the website on an hourly basis, returning emails… And that was just yesterday afternoon in between seeing patients!

January just returned from Philadelphia, and I wasn’t able to make the trip out with her because we don’t live by family or anyone else that can watch our five kids for two to three days at a time. So I stayed home with the fearsome five and ordered a lot of pizza (because it was easy and I didn’t have to cook it), took them to McDonald’s once (which shocked January because I absolutely detest McDonald’s… but they had Smurfs toys!), and played a lot of Mario Kart Wii with the kiddos (man, I hate that blue shell when it knocks you out of first place!). All while January, once again, knocked it out of the ballpark at MommyCon.

And this is what we’ll be doing for the other MommyCon events over the next two months, all so Birth Without Fear’s presence can continue to inspire and validate what women want to hear. But I’m not going to lie, it sucks for me. I’ve been there for her through the thick and thin and I feel like I should be there to support her. But we also have kids that need us and they are a priority. January stayed home while I was away in chiropractic school and student clinic and studying for National Board exams and occasional weekend seminars. I guess it’s my turn now, right?

b and j

My reason in writing all this is to show all of you that Birth Without Fear is not some easy magical thing full of rainbows and unicorns (as January loves to say) that just happens when we click our heels together. There has been literal blood, sweat, and tears that has gone into building Birth Without Fear into the movement it is today. It has been a challenge much of the time, for January and for me. And as it continues to grow, the challenges will continue to evolve and we will continue to adapt and grow because of them.

Birth Without Fear now fills a void that no one realized ever existed, and when I stop and think about it, I can’t help but marvel at what January has done. It has become a movement of support for women, to inform them of their choices and empower them to speak up for what they believe in. It takes a lot of work and isn’t some fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants sort of thing. But nothing worth doing in this life is easy, especially supporting women in their birthing choices in a society, a nation, a world where birth is seen as a problematic condition and not the epitome of godliness that only women can achieve in this mortal existence of ours.

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