• Peaceful Birth in the Alaskan Mountains

    Rebecca M. writes, “I wanted to share my story, because your blog is what initially inspired me to give birth my way. I had my first little girl very young, in a hospital, medicated and hooked up to all kinds of equipment. IV in place, monitor on my belly, completely uncomfortable and unable to enjoy the labor and delivery experience.…

  • Unintended Unassisted and Completely Peaceful

    Veronika shares this story of her unintended unassisted home birth… and what it was like to nurse her toddler during early labour. “My darling Penelope Green, this is the story of your birth… It was a hot day on July 19th, I was 41 weeks and four days pregnant with you. I had been having weeks of prodromal labor which…

  • ‘More Faith, Less Fear’: An Unassisted HBAC

    Lisa M. shares the story of her daughter Freya’s free birth. “This is a story of a beautiful birth – the birth of my gorgeous daughter Freya. Her birth had been planned for a long time… Pretty much since the day her older brother and I left the hospital after his very traumatic VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) birth, two…

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