Giveaway: BWF, E-cloth and Gorgeous & Green

Giveaway: BWF, E-cloth and Gorgeous & Green

I was going to write this long review and work it into a giveaway, but honestly, let’s just get to the good stuff. Two of our sponsors over there ————————-> are donating their awesome products to some lucky BWF Mamas!


  • They are awesome. I have one (and the polishing one).
  • I was skeptical at first, thinking how could this e-cloth clean my kitchen, appliances, baby toys and more without soap?
  • Got it, used it on my stainless steel stove and oven and was amazed. Shiny and sparkly. No hint of toddler hand prints.
  • Have used it with the counters, on appliances, bacon grease, the sink and Mini’s exasaucer.
  • It’s brilliant, cleans, no soap, is affordable and no chemicals!
  • Even Mr. BWF likes it.

Gorgeous & Green

  • A fewllow BWF mama supporting the BWF community
  • Has wicked awesome products from cloth diapers, to amber to clothes.
  • Is generous enough to give some away!

What you need to do


  • There will be FIVE winners
  • Prizes will be randomly picked and given to the winners
  • Winners will receive one of the following: 3 $15 MyEcloth gift certificates AND 2 $20 Gorgeous & Green gift certificates!!!


  • You must do all 3 things
  • You need to come back here and comment that you did (that is your entry)
  • Giveaway is Wednesday and Thursday only (11/2-11/2)
  • Winners announced Friday morning

Good Luck!!!

This video demonstrates how E-cloth with just water cleans raw chicken off counter tops!

181 thoughts on “Giveaway: BWF, E-cloth and Gorgeous & Green

  1. I shared your article on women leaving their OBs for home births. Husband and I are 23 weeks along (according to the OB “due date” model), and are enjoying a pregnancy without fear. I still enjoy an occasional beer/glass of wine, I trust the changes in my body, I do a glucose/protein urine test once a week and text the results to my midwife. My “low-tech birth” empowers me and every article you post on your blog supports my educated decision.

    I can’t wait to try some of these products you’re talking about here. If they’re as trustworthy as your articles, they should be worth investing in!! 🙂

  2. Done, done, and done! I’ve been immersed in your blog the past number of days, so of course I was more than happy to share. 🙂

  3. I really love the idea of this eco friendly cloth. I love that I don’t have to have any harsh chemicals on my counters to get germs away. Makes me feel much safer cleaning my counter tops with water instead of harsh chemicals that can be dangerous to the kiddos health!

  4. Please enter me into the drawing.
    I liked the pages and shared the blog. I have also enjoyed reading bwf for the last few months. Thanks!

  5. I did it…I did all three! Now pick me…pick me! If you saw my house, especially my kitchen, you’d know how bad I need an E-cloth. Of course, I’m also not opposed to cute baby stuff from Gorgeous and Green either!

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