Birth Photostory | Rebecca Colefax Photography

Birth Photostory | Rebecca Colefax Photography

“This beautiful family of 5 just became a family of 6! Labour was very fast and extremely powerful – but mummy was strong, empowered and courageous. A wonderful inspiration to her daughter who was present throughout and was the best little birthing assistant I’ve ever seen.

This birth was an amazing experience for me as a photographer for this was the first time I’ve attended a birth in Australia where not a word of English was spoken the entire time, yet I still understood everything. Just goes to show no matter where you come from or what language you speak – in birth we all speak the same language – LOVE!

The placenta image might be too much for Facebook… but I just love it so had to send. The blue tint is the refection from the blue birthing pool.” Rebecca Colefax Photography


DSC_9032 (4)

DSC_9032 (5)

DSC_9032 (13)

DSC_9032 (14)




DSC_9032 (29)


DSC_9032 (31)

DSC_9032 (34)

DSC_9032 (40)

DSC_9032 (42)




The midwife is the wonderful Anne from Precious Life Midwifery Service in Noosaville, Queensland.

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  1. What a beautiful birth! I love how present you were in the labour and the birth … a beautiful example of that power of women! Supportive Dads always touch my heart, and the beautiful daughter, nurturing her mother, well that just blew me away! I love it when families include the older siblings in a birth … that was so powerful for her to see … nobody will be telling her any stork stories! Thank you for sharing this amazing and sacred event!

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