Birth Without Fear

Birth Of Elsie {Homebirth Story With Siblings}

November 19, 2014

We were just waiting for the Braxton Hicks contractions to turn into the real deal so we could get our daughter here.  Sunday morning was spent with the church family and then the afternoon was spent with Greg’s family celebrating his mom’s 55th birthday. I was feeling pretty good and honestly didn’t feel like I’d […]

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The Birth of Sicily Rose {Postpartum Hemorrhage, Vanishing Twin Syndrome}

November 18, 2014

Had it not been for your blog and all the  amazing women behind the stories you share, I might not of had the courage to go through what I endured. But, looking back now, I made and I’m a stronger mother and women for it. This past February, we welcomed our second daughter, Sicily Rose […]

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Glowing Pregnant Mama with a Beach Backdrop

November 13, 2014

“I’m 37.5 weeks now and can’t wait to meet my daughter, Valentina! Thanks for sharing so many gorgeous birth moments.” {Katherine Lee} Photo credit: Kevin Sutton Photography Follow him on Instagram @kevinmsutton Website

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Healing Through Birth

November 12, 2014

I’m writing this in hopes that it will help with my healing. It’s been two months since my son came into this world and I feel like my story needs to be shared. A little back story: My husband and I got married at the ripe old age of 20 after only dating for a […]

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Birth Without Fear 2015 {Coming Your Way}

November 11, 2014

This year was amazing. Nine Birth Without Fear events and two other speaking engagements kept us busy! We thought maybe we would slow down in 2015, but after the amazing experiences this year, there’s no way we can…or want to. We want to meet more of you! To inspire you and be inspired ourselves. Here is […]

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Finally, Relief! {A Painful Pregnancy, Spinal Injury}

November 6, 2014

This is Tammy’s story. May 13, 2011 (Friday the 13th), I picked up my two children from school, (ages 7 and 4) and was a block away from my home when I was in a terrible accident. I was rushed to the ER where they found I had a collapsed spine, and I underwent surgery. […]

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PKU Pregnancy {I Am Strong}

November 5, 2014

{by Laura} For as long as I can remember I was was told I couldn’t have children, due to having phenylketonuria or PKU. This means my body cannot digest protein, allowing raw protein to go into my blood stream. I was told if I were to ever get pregnant I have a very large risk […]

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Power, Love And Grace of a Peaceful Homebirth

October 31, 2014

I would like to share my video of my homebirth of Dorothy, born in May of 2014, weighing in at 10lbs. 7 oz. I have overcome a lot of adversity with both of my pregnancies and deliveries.  With my first birth at home everyone I talked to about homebirth would trash the idea telling me, […]

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Unassisted Homebirth of a Baby Girl

October 31, 2014

Amanda Rogowski shares the story of her second daughter’s birth – a beautiful and empowering unassisted birth at home.  I decided to have an unassisted birth before I even had children. I have always believed in women’s abilities and intuition. I remember trying to tell my husband, Krzys, with our first pregnancy, and he thought […]

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Emergency C-Section Picture {Husband Support in the OR}

October 29, 2014

My second born son, Ryder, was brought into the world via emergency c-section due to low fluid and complications at 34 weeks gestational age- 6 weeks premature. I went in for a routine appointment and ultrasound around 9am the morning of October 5, 2011. He was not moving or responding to outside stimulation, his heart […]

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