If Only I Had Known {Momma Tips}

A small trip with two kids will take no less than an hour and a half

Doing your daughters hair will usually put you both in tears.

Having a good cry, is almost freeing. Its okay, go ahead.

One day your son will ask you if there is a bone in his penis. (Seriously, not kidding)

Its really hard to be angry when awoken at 6 am when your kid looks at you smiles and says “Hi Mama!”

Bribery doesn’t always work the way you plan it too. It can bite you in the butt, hard.

Our kids are WAY smarter than they lead us to believe.

Peanut Butter and Jelly is an acceptable dinner.

Feeling guilty about something, doesn’t help anyone. Its okay to let it go.  *deep breath* Better?

No matter how wonderful your kids are they will always drive you crazy some days.

Your house does not need to be spotless. Stop feeling guilty, I bet my house is as dirty as yours. It is okay.

You fully understand the concept of being mad at someone but still loving them.

The parent you were yesterday isn’t set in stone, you change and evolve every day. Just like your kids.

You can’t get tomorrow back, so do what you can today. If that is just getting up and putting a movie on, that is okay.

There will be some days you don’t think you can hack it as a parent. You can, I promise.

Your own mother will come spewing out of your own mouth at a moments notice.

Sometimes you are the one who needs the time out, it makes a difference.

You can’t always put everyone else first, you will lose your mind if you do.

Do something for you every day.

Being a parent is hard, rewarding, stressful, fantastic, and beautiful all wrapped into one. You do the best you can every day. Don’t be too hard on yourself. You are amazing, don’t forget it.

BWF Mommy time out chair


      • Shannah

        Omg. I just finished putting myself in time out about an hour ago! Had a cry, a few drops of rescue remedy and some lavender essential oil therapy. Thank you for this, you read my mind today. I’m a stay at home/work at home/ student mum of three which includes ones badly teething babe. This week has been really tough. Thank you for reminding me that we are not alone, feeling the way we do- we have community…even if its an online one. We are all experiencing the joys and frustration.

        • megan

          It is nice to know that I’m not the only mama with a messy house and a limited dinner menu! I’m a full-time working mama by necessity. But I also feel like our resident accountant, maid and cook. It’s hard. And most of the time, when I get a minute to myself, it’s 8:30PM and I’m vegging out to television and getting ready to fall asleep! This reminder was lovely – it really was. It made me feel normal and more ok with the fact that I don’t always get the change to provide “gourmet” meals for my son, or always have something fun and educational for him to do; just let it go! THANK YOU =D

  • cori

    ladies… i am a new mama. my first one is 5 months old. it is hard. my question to all of you ladies is, and i will probably not word this correctly but, if being a mom is so hard, what makes you all want to have more? i always pictured having multiple kids but my babycake is wearing me out and i dont know if i can handle any more. i guess i am looking for the silver lining… that moment when i say WOW this is so amazing I want to have another one! all i hear from moms is how hard it is and exhausted they are and i just keep wondering why then have more? why put yourself through such hardship? on the verge of tears today because i am so exhausted and utterly drained.

    • Mama Queenly

      Cori, at five months old it is definitely tough to see the silver lining. At five months you’re still not sleeping, showering, eating, or interacting with other adults on a regular basis yet. At five months old you both are still learning about one another and that relationship will continue to evolve over time. I would say it wasn’t until about 18 months old (for me) when I started to crave that soft skin, new baby smell, and had finally forgotten enough of the hardships involved to turn that craving into, “Let’s have a baby!” Give yourself grace, mama… and time to adjust to this new role. 🙂

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