Shedding a Stupid Stigma: VBAC Warrior in Shock!

vbac, hospital birth, birthThese pictures are fuzzy and blurry but this is my VBAC.

This is, “I can’t believe I just did that!”

My sister sobbing on my knee and my husband reeling in this moment of “heroism” as he would call it.

My childhood dream was being a mommy. That included dreaming of a natural birth. My mom and sister did it. Why couldn’t I?

I carried around this stupid stigma of a failed induction and cesarean for two and a half years. It wasn’t until my friend and doula pounded it in my head that I COULD have the birth of my dreams the second time.

And I did!!

No fear here!

Women are amazing! We are warriors!

I found so much inspiration from your page. Every post inspired me and pumped me up for this moment. My daughter is 12 weeks old now and I’m STILL on that oxytocin high!!!

Thank you guys for what you do!

vbac, hospital birth, birth

Submitted by Kati Brumage. 

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