Breastfeeding After a C-Section

breastfeeding, c-section, cesareanThere is a general trending increase in C-sections. Some women are choosing to while others have to through necessity. Whatever the reason, childbirth is an amazing experience and should be celebrated whether it is a vaginal birth or a C-section.

Can a woman breastfeed after a C-section?
The short answer is yes she can.

We have come up with a few simple suggestions to help aid and guide you through your breastfeeding journey.

Educate yourself
If you choose to have a C-section it would be our advice to educate yourself before the birth. Build realistic expectations of what your body will be capable of and the recovery period necessary.

Ask for help
Lactation consultants and midwives are wonderful and very knowledgeable. They will help aid and support you through the initial stages when baby is learning to latch and you are getting use to different feeding positions.

Most women will find that lying on their backs immediately after a C-section to breastfeed is preferred, due to the numbness and lack of feeling in the lower half of there body.

As time progresses lying on your side to breastfeed is recommended with the aid of pillows.

Whatever position you decide to go for, make sure you are comfortable and relaxed, as newborn babies can take a while to feed.

breastfeeding, c-section, cesareanNurse early
It is recommended to try and breastfeed early. As soon as the baby is delivered, place the baby on your chest and attempt to breastfeed while lying on your back.

Women who have Cesarean Sections will usually find that their milk comes in a little later. Attempting to breastfeed early helps to promote bonding, provides stimulation to the breast and helps to encourage the milk to come in earlier.

It is important to understand that a delay in milk production is normal with a C-section birth. Be patient, as it will happen.

Breast only
During the initial stages of breastfeeding you may have thoughts of giving up and may want to try alternatives such as bottle feeds and pacifiers.

Introducing teats and pacifiers may confuse baby as he or she learns to feed off the breast. The latch required to feed effectively off a breast is very different to a latch on a teat.

Avoid the temptation of using anything other than your breast to begin with (if possible). This will help speed things up.

breastfeeding, c-section, cesareanSupport
It is important to understand that the recovery after a C-section takes time. Arrange for a support team to help you out at home in the early stages. Your mobility will not be as it used to be for sometime. Be patient with your body and take the necessary care of yourself. This way you will heal quicker.

Breastfeeding is a unique experience and if you take the time to speak to multiple women you will soon begin to understand that every one’s experience is different.

You should always be mindful and realistic, as your journey may not necessarily be an easy one.

Perservere and the rewards will be huge.

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Like many women out there, Tracey Montford is an exceptional multi-tasker! Apart from steering a global business, managing two young boys & keeping the clan clean and fed, Tracey still finds time to provide creative inspiration and direction to the exceptional designs of Cake Maternity. From the branding, presentation and delivery, creativity is a big part of what Tracey does so naturally and effectively. Catch up with her on social media at @cakematernity!

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  • Amy

    I had an unplanned non-emergency c section for my twins at 37 weeks… We nursed right away but due to recovering I allowed a few doses of the formula they had at hospital. I took a pack of pre made bottles home too but I ended up throwing them out. I exclusively nursed them for 2.5 years without a bottle / pumping! All on demand feeding. It was the most rewarding thing I have done thus far and life . YOU CAN DO IT TOO.

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