• ‘Bubble’ Caul Baby

    I want to share my birth pictures of my caul baby. These were taken by one of my midwives. The pictures show the progression of my daughter coming out with a bubble of amniotic sac coming out before her head. My midwife broke the sac once her head had emerged and we pulled her up to my chest together! After…

  • Fast Labor and Baby Born in the Caul {en caul}

    Daenerys “Dani” Rebekah was born on November 19th, at home and in the caul, after only 2 hours of active labor. Most of the labor  happened in the car, stuck in traffic. They got home at about 7:20, the midwife arrived 7:46 pm, and she was born at 8:05 pm. She is 7lbs 13 oz. Photography by Petals of Zuzu.

  • A Story of Patience; 20 Years of Waiting, 44 weeks Gestation, an Unassisted Birth!

    After three horrendous inductions that took three days apiece, I decided that this time it was going to be different, that my son (after five girls and 20 years of trying), as my last child, HAD to have a gentle birth and I NEEDED a positive birth experience. I got researching, spending hours and hours trawling the internet, reading chapters and chapters of…

  • Home Water Birth, Baby Born In the Caul

    There is something magical about bringing babies into the world. The whole process, from beginning to end, points to something greater than us. I can’t help but think of creation and the Creator. Man could not have thought this up but only a great God with a divine design. It’s amazing and humbling to me to think that I’ve been…

  • One of the Most Amazing Birth Pictures Ever!

    I saw this on Pinterest actually and it blew my mind. I have seen other pictures of babies born in the caul, but this one takes the cake! Melissa with MJ Birth photography is the talented photographer to capture this shot. Here is the intact membranes post birth… Visit her site here to see more. Melissa’s main photography site is…

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