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The Harshē Podcast – Episode #72: Practical Mindfulness

The Harshē Podcast – Episode #72: Practical Mindfulness

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January and Brandon are talking about being present in the moment and mindfulness and what it all looks like while you are practicing it in real time. From white-knuckling it through life to having one foot in the past and one foot in the future, January and Brandon discuss their own experiences on this journey of present-time consciousness. It’s especially useful when buying new items of apparel at a department store, as you will hear!

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Official Media Kit of Birth Without Fear et al.

Official Media Kit of Birth Without Fear et al.


Birth Without Fear started out as a simple thought one day in May of 2010 when January Harshe laid her fourth kiddo down for an afternoon nap. Since then, Birth Without Fear has turned into the preeminent voice for options, support, and respect for women and families in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum online, on Facebook, and on Instagram.

Due to Birth Without Fear’s success, Take Back PostpartumDon’t Forget Dads, and Parenting Without Fear were created on Instagram to show all of the variations of normal during postpartum, fatherhood, and parenthood, respectively. January maintains her own personal Instagram account where she shares about self love, self care, and everyday mom life.

In 2017, January and her husband Brandon started The Harshē Podcast to share about their wild, busy, hilarious lives as parents to six kids. They’ve discussed topics ranging from coffee, tattoos, and mental health to their birth stories, postpartum experiences, and sex!

The inaugural Birth Without Fear Conference was held on October 12-13, 2013 in Arlington, TX with 155 attendees and 20 vendors. Since then, January has held over 80 Birth Without Fear themed events across the United States and Canada, with attendance and vendors surpassing 200 and 20 for numerous events, respectively. Only two Birth Without Fear Conferences will be held in 2018: one overseas in Sydney, NSW, Australia and one in Portland, OR.

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The Harshē Podcast
First episode: July 21, 2017
Total downloads (as of July 9, 2019): 271,000
iTunes rating: 5 star average out of 172 ratings
#76 ranking in Comedy on iTunes after only 3 episodes

Podcast Testimonials

“Listening to your podcast while I nurse my 3 month old. I never really got into podcasts but I absolutely love yours! I can relate to the family thinking you’re still who you were when you were a kid–like when I was a 13 year old, mouthy girl. I needed to hear when you said NOT to let them bring me down. I’m not thst adolescent anymore. Thank you!”

“I can really feel the presence of you guys through your podcast! I feel like I am just talking with good friends and it’s refreshing and funny!”

“I will just say that I made the mistake of listening to this podcast in the office. I have now laughed so hard I snorted and cried so hard I had to ask a co-worker for tissues. Brandon and January will hit you right in the feels. I can’t wait to hear more!”

“January and Brandon are relatable, funny, supportive of one another, and so committed to their family, all while trying to change the world! This is a great podcast, no matter your stage in life. They have been through it all (and then some), and share their story with humor and solidarity, but without judgment.”

“My husband generally does not care for my choice of podcasts but this one he will gladly listen to with me! We love the real talk that Brandon and January have, it opens up conversations between us that I feel we would not necessarily have. This podcast is funny, insightful, and full of inspiration and witty banter!

“Y’all are absolutely amazing! My husband and I listened to episode 3 together and now he’s starting to listen as well on his own! I cried during this episode because it struck so close to home. Thank you!!!”

“My favorite part of the week is when this podcast comes out! It feels like talking to friends. Some stuff is just funny and some is really inspiring. I love the Harshes so much!”

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Say It: “I Am Magical As F***.”

Say It: “I Am Magical As F***.”

Life can be hard, disappointing, frustrating, depressing, and scary too. But the moments of utter joy like when you hold your child for the first time, moments of intense love like a lovers embrace, and moments of childlike wonder and awe like meeting beautiful, strong, intelligent elephants make this life worth living for.

This mama and her adopted sister were rescued from Thailand and they co-care for mums 7 year old girl and one year old baby boy (seen in photo).

The similarities between human and animal is more similar than we like to believe.

I sat there soaking up the kisses I received from auntie elephant and moments watching baby boy nurse from his mothers breast while sister waited on them before exiting the space.

Yep, magical as fuck.

And so are you. Say it: “I am magical. I am magical as fuck.” And keep saying it until you remember and know this truth. You, my friend, are beautiful, magical, and powerful. You always have been.

I’m totally planning an elephant tattoo now.

Much love,

The Harshe Podcast – Episode #34: 10 Tips For Going Vegan

The Harshe Podcast – Episode #34: 10 Tips For Going Vegan

January and Brandon talk about how to go vegan! They go over the 10 most important tips when transitioning to a vegan lifestyle, like keeping it simple, you doing you, and learning how much protein is in everything so that all of your suddenly concerned family members’ fears that you aren’t getting enough protein will be alleviated! Also, they have bonus tips and tricks as well!

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Considering certification as a childbirth educator but haven’t quite found the right fit yet? Interested in creating inclusive classes where birthing people can become educated about their options and patient rights?

If you’re eagerly nodding your head along to one or all of these questions, we got ya! Become a childbirth educator with Doula Trainings International‘s Childbirth Edu Training program. 

The online platform will take you through certification requirements, tracking your participation progress for your own review of the curriculum and corresponding teaching guide, required scholarly reads and required videos.

This training is available for both conference attendees and those only seeking Childbirth Education Teacher Certification at DTI’s inaugural Born Into This Conference on July 12-13 in Austin, TX. What you would normally get in our 3 month online program, you will get in this 2 day in person training. You’ll walk away ready to go!

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January and Brandon have been using MRM supplements for over 3 years and they love them! From the Veggie Elite vegan protein (comes in Vanilla Bean, Mocha, and Cinnamon Bun) and vegan BCAAs to the Hydration Factor and Vegan Bone Maximizer, MRM products are all of the highest quality as evidenced by their GMP certification. To get a 40% discount at checkout, simply go to MRM’s website here and use the code “HARSHE” at checkout!

The Harshe Podcast – Episode #18: New Year, New You Do You Boo

The Harshe Podcast – Episode #18: New Year, New You Do You Boo

January and Brandon are back with their first podcast of 2018! Brandon talks about pulling the best traits from various role models and January talks about being a conscious social media user. Also, Brandon talks about how he became a new him at 12:01am January 1st!

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We are having a New Year’s Sale at Self Love Generation! Everything is 25% off! Get a shirt, coffee mug, and lanyard today! And remember, shipping is always 4-6 weeks!


Only a handful of Find Your Village events are left! Tickets still on sale for Kansas City, Stillwater, and Portland, ME at BWF! Buy one today to see January speak live about self love, self care, and body positivity!

The Harshe Podcast – Episode #17: F*ck Luck and Screw Balance

The Harshe Podcast – Episode #17: F*ck Luck and Screw Balance

January and Brandon are back from their unexpected hiatus and they can’t remember what episode they’re on! January discusses her irritation with the words luck and balance, and Brandon talks about focusing on today. They also discuss doing horse lips and napping while getting tattoos!

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Birth Without Fear Conferences are returning in 2018! We are holding two in the U.S. and one in Australia! Register now at! 

Motherhood Temper Tantrums

Motherhood Temper Tantrums

There are times in motherhood where you will simply lose your shit. I’m completely serious. If you haven’t yet, it is coming. If you have, then you know what I’m talking about.

You’re exhausted, pulled in too many directions, and pushed too far. It usually builds up with lack of sleep, always being needed, life stressors, and trying to force things.

The bad part about losing your shit is that it makes everyone sad. Sadness is part of life though, darling. We can’t be happy 24/7. We need to learn and have growth. Like mom guilt isn’t bad enough though, a mommy temper tantrum is great at adding extra. But once the dust settles, you have a good yell or cry or both, and good things can actually come from it.

Shedding all that frustration, hurt, anger, etc. can help you get to the core of the issue. It gives you clarity to see things from a different perspective and to build the pieces back up to be better than before.

I’m not telling you to go lose your shit for the sake of losing your shit, I’m just saying that it happens and it’s not the end of the world, you’re still a good mother, and there’s always a silver lining.

Take a deep breath, try to take some time to yourself to quietly process (when you can), learn from it, and try something different!

Motherhood is the ultimate survival mode, problem-solving, multi-tasking job there is. Figure out what works for your family even if it seems completely unconventional. And be willing to leave some wiggle room for adjustments and change.

If things are really feeling out of sorts, it may be best to take a step back and just go with the flow for a little bit. Say yes a lot more. You’d be surprised how that can help.

Moms, you are allowed temper tantrums too and your family will love you unconditionally through them just like you love and support them unconditionally through theirs. That’s what family does.

The Prenatal Vitamin For Your Mind

The Prenatal Vitamin For Your Mind

I’ll never forget the day I found out I was pregnant. I was filled with a roller coaster of emotions from excitement to fear, to love and anxiety, to a sense of comfort and a waterfall of uncertainty. As my emotions went up and down, all I could think about was getting to see my doctor so he could assure me that my baby was OK.

On the day of my first doctor appointment I was overly eager. I couldn’t wait for the doctor to ease my mind and tell me all the things I could / couldn’t do to have a healthy pregnancy. After my appointment my doctor prescribed me a prenatal vitamin, gave me the number of a nutritionist and went over how to approach exercise from that day forward. Leaving his office, I expected to feel a sense of relief but even with all this additional information, I still felt anxiety. As the months progressed, my mind would often stress out about the well-being of my baby and whether or not I was doing everything right.

To my surprise this worrying started to increase rather than decrease as my pregnancy continued. I longed for my doctor visits so that I could hear my baby’s heartbeat and know that she was ok. This was a vicious cycle as every time I felt the relief that my baby was healthy, it was quickly replaced with the fact that I wouldn’t be back to hear her heartbeat again for another stressful month.

It was during this time of worry and uncertainty that I was laid off from job at 7 months pregnant. This, as you can imagine was a very difficult thing to go through at an already highly emotional time in my life. The day after my last day of work I awoke to an email from my good friend who knew what I was going through and thought I might benefit from Expectful – a new digital meditation platform that’s empowering moms and moms-to-be to give their babies the best start in life.

I hesitantly signed up and decided to commit to meditating every day for one month to see if it had any impact on me. In just three days I noticed an increase in my energy, in one week I was noticeably less stressed and at one month I was happier and more relaxed. Meditation had clearly helped me through losing my job but what I was even more surprised to realize is that when I started meditating I also started worrying less and less. The random negative thoughts that led me down a rabbit hole of stress and anxiety about the health of my baby were no longer able to affect me as they once did. Instead I was filled with gratitude and an abundance of love for my baby.

This shift transformed my whole pregnancy and I couldn’t help but wonder why my doctor never talked to me about the health of my mind during such a challenging time. Just as exercise kept my body feeling strong, Expectful’s meditations helped my mind feel more focused and energized. Just as my prenatal vitamin gave me the vitamins and minerals my body needed, meditation gave my mind the ease and self-assurance I desperately yearned for.

This brought me to the obvious conclusion that as a society we are missing one key “prescription” when it comes to approaching a healthy pregnancy; the importance of a healthy mind.

The benefits of meditations are well known; decreased stress and anxiety, increased immunity, more focus and better sleep. All of which complement pregnancy in various ways. Not to mention that meditation helps with pain management which is obviously helpful during birth and labor.

Perhaps even more interesting is that research shows that pregnant women who meditate have babies with healthier birth weights and are more likely to go full-term. This shows that when women meditate during pregnancy, there is some kind of connection that is happening between themselves and their babies.

As if that wasn’t enough to get your mind spinning, meditation also helps you to recognize emotions in others and to practice compassion which can help you to feel more connected to your partner during this big transition in both of your lives.

With my own personal experience with meditation and with all the science that proves how meditation can support pregnant women, I can’t help but wonder why we aren’t talking more about a women’s emotional and mental health during one of the most mentally demanding times of their lives. I hope that within the next few years that when women walk into their doctors’ office looking for the tools that can support them, that meditation be right in line with prenatal vitamins, nutrition and exercise.

Editors note: This is a guest post by Anna Gannon from Expectful.

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