• Healing Hospital VBAC After Traumatic Cesarean

    The stories of my children’s births are both my worst and best day. Jackson was born February 26, 2011.  I had wanted a natural childbirth, unfortunately that did not happen.   I was called by my midwife on the 23rd, stating that she had concerns regarding some of my blood work and said that I would need to be induced that…

  • “Pulled Apart And Put Back Together” {A Cesarean Section Procedure}

    [Warning: This post describes and illustrates Cesareans sections with graphic detail.] The Cesarean section is often described as simply “an incision in the abdomen”, or variations to that effect. Usually you’re told it’s “straightforward” or “simple” or “virtually risk-free” or even “the easy option”. But what is it, really? I’ve heard stories where the muscles are cut, and stories where…

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