• Babies Touch the World with Love

    Here it is. The follow up from this awesome mom and Earthside Birth Photography! A big thanks to Ruthie for working hard on bringing our BWF Community inspiring quote pictures! Babies touch the world with love… To come…the pictures together with a new quote! Here it is!

  • A Million Ways to be a Good Mother

    I remember the reaction I had when I first read this quote long ago. With all the ‘mommy wars‘ on social media and division among women (which makes me deeply sad), this quote sums up how I feel so simply. There is no perfect way to be a mother, but my goodness there are a million ways to be a good…

  • Promote What You Love…

    When I first saw the quote “Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate”, it completely resonated with me. It’s tempting to go off on things I am passionate about. However, this quote makes me think twice (often), before posting or sharing anything. I think following this principle and guidline helps (at least me) to focus on what…

  • Eternal Love

    There is a sweet story behind this picture. After they put baby on mom’s chest to meet person to person for the first time, Ginger with Earthside Birth Photography, told the mama to smell her baby. In this picture, she was doing just that. Taking in the first breath of unconditional, eternal love.

  • Moment of Birth

    I have enjoyed using Earthside Birth Photography’s pictures to make some amazing, fun, powerful statements. Ruthie was kind enough to put this one together for the BWF Blog and all of you. It’s so true mamas. We are incredibly strong and powerful and that moment…THIS moment is when many women realize that they are capable of absolutely anything. The contrast…

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