• A Fast, Unplanned Unassisted Birth!

    I experienced three different days of prodromal labor throughout the month. On Sunday, September 26, 2010, I was awoken by a trickle feeling at about 5:30 am (I had been having a dream about water, too, ha!). I had thought that since I was already five cm dilated, that it might start with my water breaking. I got up and…

  • 15 Myths of Childbirth: Uncovering the Truth

    Thanks to the AMA, ACOG, news media, Hollywood, and horror stories being passed down from generation to generation, there are many disheartening myths surrounding childbirth. Unfortunately these myths are taken as truth. Here at Birth Without Fear, we have shed light on a number of these myths. By revealing the truth, maybe we can get one step closer to birthing how…

  • What is a Birth Without Fear?

    What exactly does it mean to birth without fear? It took me 4 births to finally experience what it is like to birth with no fears. The way I can start is the easiest way for anyone… share my experiences. I hope that through sharing what my journey has been like that you may find inspiration and maybe learn from…

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