What is a Birth Without Fear?

What exactly does it mean to birth without fear? It took me 4 births to finally experience what it is like to birth with no fears. The way I can start is the easiest way for anyone… share my experiences. I hope that through sharing what my journey has been like that you may find inspiration and maybe learn from my mistakes and my triumphs! It is my hope that from there this blog can take off and be a wonderful place to educate and support women in healing, educating and having empowering experiences in childbirth!

When I say my mistakes, I do not mean that harshly. I learned and grew greatly from the things I realized I should have done differently. Then I took that new knowledge and did the best I could the next time. I think as women though, we need to fill a very big void. As girls we don’t see our mothers or aunts giving birth. We don’t hear how normal and wonderful it can be. Instead, images of purple face pushing, feet in stirrups, pregnant mama screaming in excruciating pain and the father clueless is our exposure of what birth is. What can we do then?

For those of us who have experienced an empowering birth… the kind that you feel in tune with nature and/or God need to share our experiences in a non judgmental way. For those of us who have not, we need to seek that out. Watch great birth videos, read positive birth stories and talk to other women who have had these births. Women need to stop only sharing and wanting to listen to horror stories. There is a time and a place to share our traumatic birth experiences so that we can help each other heal.

Maybe as we share, support and heal…our views of birth can change as a whole. Women will realize they have choices and listen to their inner voices of what they can really experience. We can heal. We can let go of our fears. We can listen to our innate. We can experience the most amazing, unexplainable moments of our lives.

There are things I would do the same and definitely things I would do different. I will share these with you so that those of you who find yourself in the same position as I was, can step back and look at it without fear and then make a decision on what is best for you and your baby.


  • Mary Siever

    My first birth I had one fear…that was a fear of pain. It wasn’t until that birth was complete that I realised I had conquered that, or rather come close to conquering it by realising that it wasn’t something to be feared, but something I had to allow and move through and still could have a wonderful birth. It was such a learning experience for me. Each birth since then has been a learning experience and a growing time. I have UC’d 4 times and each one has been a journey.

    Beautiful post! Yes, we can let go of our fears, we can grow, we can learn from them, we can fall into faith and realise we will be ‘caught’ and raised up. It’s in confronting and knowing our fears that we can find the strength to understand them and let them go so we can move into a better place.

  • Mell

    Love the blog header 🙂

    I’ve been blessed to have faced my fears during my first birth & come out the other side an empowered mother with a passion for normal natural birth. I’m also a UC momma, it is how I choose to birth without fear (fear of what care providers are going to try to do to me or my baby). I would like to train as a midwife & probably certify as direct entry so I can support those women who do want to have a care provider for their birth to have the most gentle & loving start for their babies.

    I look forward to seeing more on your blog.

  • Krista

    I was pretty fearless with both of my births. I can’t say I was completely fearless because of course there is always the fear of the unknown no matter how much you read or thought you put into it, but I guess you can say I wasn’t nervous. I had a hospital birth with my first epidural and all. With my second I decided the hospital was too tempting to ask for an epidural and began looking into birthing centers. I became a doula in the process and decided I didn’t need a birthing center, but I could do it at home and did a lot of studying in the process (where I of course found out how much safer it is at home). Anyway I was still a little nervous since I didn’t know what pushing was like and was very very pleasantly surprised. I think my problem with my first is I thought it would get worse. With my second I realize now that what I was feeling with him probably was the worst. I’ll never give birth in a hospital and next time I’ll be even more fearless!

  • Briana

    This is such an inspiring blog! I planned a natural birth with my first baby, but ended up getting an epidural after a long (and fearful) labor. We are trying for another baby and are planning a home birth, so I am very excited and encouraged by reading this blog!

  • BobbiJo Beaugez

    Love the blog. I wish I had known about all of the resources and the plethora of information before my first birth. I let my OB bully me into an induction and epidural. He also gave me a substantially large episiotomy that required quite a few stitches and used a suction to pull my baby out. Let’s just say, I was young and intimidated. But, the whole experience really pissed me off, so I got informed and grew a pair(so to speak), and I called the shots the next time around. No induction, no IV, drank and ate what I wanted, only intermittent monitoring, no epidural, no catheter, no episiotomy, only vaginal massage. Despite my MIL and several other people telling me I was crazy, I did great, better than great, I was amazing. I breathed through all of my contractions while walking and rocking. I played with my little girl and went to the potty when I wanted. I waited until my body was ready for pushing and only had to push for five or ten minutes. It happened so fast that I barely remember the pushing part. I was so scared about the pain before the birth. After, I kept saying, that was it, seriously. So many people had fed me horror stories. The sad part of it all, was the fact that all of the nurses on the maternity ward were talking about my birth for the next two days. Apparently, a natural birth is rare where I delivered. They were all so amazed. I wanted to tell all of the nay sayers to bite me. If my husband and I decide on more children, we will be having them at home, though. I guess you can now say that I am pretty damn fearless now.

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