• In Pursuit of Perfection

    Let me start this post by saying, “I’m a perfectionist.” Yep. I’m a perfectionist, always have been. And I am about to admit to you that I AM NOT PERFECT. I’m learning to live with it. Society in general is pretty obsessed with perfection. We want perfect bodies, perfect jobs, perfect houses, perfect lives. Messy relationships, screaming kids, stretch marks,…

  • Permission to Love the Imperfections

    When I got pregnant with my first baby 10 years ago, I was so excited to have a homebirth. I was fully committed to natural childbirth, breastfeeding, co-sleeping and being an awesome mom. When my son was born, I realized quickly that I loved birth so much that I wanted to become a doula. I read all the books I…

  • Mommy Blog Reading

    As I step back from Facebook, I have a little more time. OK, a lot more time. It’s so nice. Playing with the kids more, catching up on picture files, writing more, getting to bed earlier and reading blogs. You remember how blogs were the rave before Facebook became popular? Now they are popular only if shared through Facebook. Well,…

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