• Sticking Up for Myself and My Birth

    I went to get induced on the 12th of July 2011, I was getting regular contractions but they weren’t painful. I was in pre-labour. They decided to insert the first lot of gel, I was fine with that and went for walks around the hospital. Then, while walking my hind waters broke, so the nurses/midwives checked to see if they…

  • Barely Made It {Military Hospital}

    I was never one of those people that originally thought I wanted to have an all-natural birth. In fact I remember saying why would you go through all that pain when you can get an epidural? Would you want your leg broken without pain medication?! How dumb was I? LOL Anyways I went through with that mentality with the pregnancy…

  • A Birth Center Birth Story

    I went to bed at about 1 a.m. on Monday, February 21st.  It was an extra day off of school (for President’s Day) and I was taking advantage by catching up on laundry and such.  As soon as I got into bed I could feel the contractions starting.  I had them 1-3 times an hour, lasting anywhere from about 15…

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