• The Homebirth of Benno

    Although he was born on Friday, Benno’s birth story starts on Monday of that week. Ok, wait. That’s not true. His birth story, or at least my journey to it, actually started years before he was even conceived and this birth story feels incomplete without at least a little background on my journey to natural birth, and ultimately, the birth…

  • This is Breastfeeding {Take 2}

    I fell in love with these photos when they were sent to me earlier this year from photographer Laura Eckert. Why haven’t I shared them, you ask? Simple, Facebook will ban me yet again. I came across them again last night and decided to put them in a blog post. They are too beautiful not to be shared. Every mother…

  • Breastfeeding at Birth and Beyond

    Establishing a breastfeeding relationship isn’t always a care free experience. Starting your nursing relationship with your baby right at birth is not only normal, but a beautiful and natural way to bond. If you experience problems with breastfeeding, there is help! There are some great links in this post. In the meantime, enjoy these beautiful photos sent in by BWF…

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