• The Harshē Podcast – Episode #78: Boundaries & Holidays

    January and Brandon are discussing setting boundaries with family and friends, and how it applies during the ramped-up, stressed-out holiday season! January discusses some of the things she’s done to set boundaries, and Brandon explains why it can be such a precarious tightrope act for your emotional well-being in the beginning. And Brandon relates the Birth Without Fear motto of…

  • Our Story {Cleft Palate & Hypoplasia}

    Before my husband and I had even started trying to get pregnant, I assumed I had it all figured out. I’d have a home birth. I’d breastfeed. And we’d have a perfect beginning bringing our perfect little baby into the world. You know what they say about assuming… My pregnancy was pretty much picture-perfect. It took us no time to…

  • Why Should I Write My Birth Story?

    I am daily compelled by the siren call of birth stories. I read them late at night when I can’t sleep because I’m pregnant. I read them early in the morning when I need inspiration because I’m pregnant and my toddler’s favourite co-sleeping position is ‘H is for Hell’. I recount them to my husband, my friends, my colleagues, and…

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