A Supportive Hospital Birth

by Birth Without Fear on November 4, 2010

“In Genesis 3, God talks about how women will feel the (pain) of childbirth. How you perceive this pain will determine how it will affect your labor and delivery.

I started feeling consistent contractions at around 3am on July 21st. Tommy called our sister in law, Andra, as she was our doula (labor coach) and she came over. The contractions were still pretty far apart so we just hung out. Tommy made us breakfast and we watched movies. It was really relaxing. Around 3pm the contractions picked up, so I took a nap. When I was awake, I would labor on my birth ball. It was great laboring at my own house where I was comfortable and completely in control.

At about 7pm the contractions were getting close together. We decided to head to the hospital.  After we checked in and settled into the birthing suite, I labored in the bath tub, on the birth ball and toilet. It was so wonderful being free from IV’s. I could move around as much as I wanted.

At about 3am I started pushing. I pushed in a few different positions until I was in one that felt the best to me.  At 4:09am on July 22nd (6 days past my “due date”) Lily Mae was born. My midwife put her directly on my chest and Tommy and I finally got to see our sweet girl’s face.

Having a drug free completely natural birth is such a privilege and blessing. Tommy and I learned a lot about each other in those 2 days. He saw strength in me that was brand new to him and I relied on his encouraging words and sweet hugs of reassurance that I could do this. Experiencing labor in this way brought my husband and I to a whole new level of love and trust. Truly magical.

pregnant, birth without fear, childbirthI want to share my experience because it is completely doable and so worth it. You and your baby working together to finally meet face to face, feeling so empowered as a woman and having your body be completely in charge. Wow, such a great great thing! God made us in such a perfect way so that we can give birth.

My husband, doula and midwife all supported me in how I wanted to labor and deliver. It’s so important to have an encouraging support system. I look back on those 2 days, laboring and then delivering my precious Lily, and it is exactly how I wanted. I was blessed with such an awesome experience.

Natural birth is a beautiful, organic, amazing experience.” ~Jaimee Wilkerson


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