Home Birth is NOT 3 Times More Dangerous Than Hospital Birth

by Birth Without Fear on October 26, 2011

I have recently read people saying “Home birth is 3 times more dangerous than hospital birth” and “You will only birth at home if you do not care if your baby lives or dies”. Wow. If home birth is that much more dangerous than birthing in the hospital, that needs to be taken seriously!

If it were true. It’s not.

birth without fear

Mama Birth recently wrote this blog post on her blog highlighting the findings from a home birth study. One thing I love about Mama Birth, is whens she shares her opinion she states just that…it’s her opinion. When she shares information, she always backs it up. If she is wrong, while not easy, she will correct herself.

After writing this article where studies found home birth as safe as hospital births an unlicensed medical doctor came on to dispute what she shared. This unlicensed doctor claimed that home birth is in fact three times more dangerous and your baby will die in home birth. She linked to her own OPINION about the article and never once backed up anything.

Mama Birth researched the topic more extensively (as she thought maybe she was wrong and wanted to correct her blog post if she was) and all she found was more research to back up home birth being as safe as hospital birth. Upon further debate, she realized what this unlicensed doctor is doing.

I quote from Mama Birth:

“The 3X more dangerous statistic is not from a study. She (the unlicensed doctor) used the Johnson and Davis home birth study (which found home birth safe), then added BACK IN all the home birth babies that had died (one was known still BEFORE labor, others had congenital abnormalities that would have resulted in death no matter where they were born). She added those BACK IN and then got the 3X more dangerous number.

Sounds fair- she said it was because the hospital had to include numbers like that- EXCEPT THEY DIDN’T. The hospital numbers REMOVED high risk situations like that too.”

See, anyone can take a study or statistics and twist them to make them work for their benefit. Including an unlicensed doctor.


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