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Sweet dreams.🌙 📷:@elisehurstphotography. #nicubaby #birthwithoutfear

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“I spent the night in the company of a remarkably intuitive woman. Alongside her equally amazing partner, I was privileged to witness a birth unlike any I have seen before. It was by far, the most connected, the most primal, the most sexy, the most vibrant, the most intense, the most wild and the most fulfilled birth one could ever hope for. Dancing, moaning, furiously moving, screaming, ecstasy – a lioness in her full power. In a day where mainstream birth culture commands a deep disconnect and rigid chill, where red tape and politics cloud the core message, where parameters of what birth needs to be restrict birthing people from living their truth and transformation…I feel encouraged. What I experienced in this space – what this woman experienced in her birth – reaffirms that the wisdom and knowledge of wise women who have come before me, the knowledge they have always tried to pass down – this secret…that somewhere along the line, the majority of folks decided to stop listening to…it is still alive. In the darkness of nights, where people like me and people like you fight relentlessly for birthing people to be TRULY and UNCONDITIONALLY supported, I feel encouraged to keep doing the right thing and to continue to use this space to raise awareness for what my heart calls me to. I don’t care how you birth, my wish is to see you feel like THIS. If I could bottle the twinkle in her eyes and the linings of the clouds she is walking on, I would hand deliver it to every ripe and round woman I know and say, “You DESERVE this.” ✨Words and image by @angelawombwarrior. ✨ #birthwithoutfear #optionssupportrespect

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Seven years of waiting and then this moment. @elisehurstphotography #birthwithoutfear

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