Midwife Support in Birth…A Picture Worth 1000 Words

Midwife Support in Birth…A Picture Worth 1000 Words

The support a woman receives in labor and birth makes the difference between empowerment and trauma. ~Mrs. BWF

Sent in by Kim Smith…


“This is my midwife, Nancy, holding my hand and helping me focus on breathing during contractions. She sat beside the birth pool for hours supporting me while I focused on her eyes.

My son was born (on land) at home after 12 hours of labor weighing 10 lbs. 8 oz.”

3 thoughts on “Midwife Support in Birth…A Picture Worth 1000 Words

  1. I knew this picture was Nancy, without even seeing her name! Nancy was also my midwife. I loved the peacefulness that she brought to the birth. She is an amazing woman and I am grateful for her loving support that she gives women during pregnancy and birth.

  2. Nancy is the greatest…she assisted the birth of our 6th child as well…she truly KNOWS the meaning of “with woman”. She lets you listen to your body..and tell her what you need….

    She is incredible….

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