Supporting Women in VBACs {Vaginal Birth After Cesarean}

Supporting Women in VBACs {Vaginal Birth After Cesarean}

“I just wanted to say thank you! I loved being able to read so many wonderful birth stories and encouraging and supportive advice along my journey to a VBAC. It really helped me to know that my body wasn’t “broken” just because I’d had a cesarean, and the confidence and trust in my body was exactly what I needed. I had my HBAC on July 27, 2012. It was amazing and I never thought for a second my body couldn’t do it.” ~Ashley

One thought on “Supporting Women in VBACs {Vaginal Birth After Cesarean}

  1. I had a looooong three days of labor with my third child. I wasn’t about to quit even when the Dr.’s told me I had protein in my urine again! This was my only natural birth after having two cesareans. I was and am still very happy that I was able to have such a supportive Dr. up at U of W’s hospital in 1986 and was able to deliver her naturally. 🙂

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