Fast VBAC after Cesaren due to ‘Big Baby’

Fast VBAC after Cesaren due to ‘Big Baby’

“This is the VBAC of a beautiful little girl. Mama’s first birth was 38 hours long and ended in a c-section because after pushing for 2 hours, they told her the baby wouldn’t fit.

This little VBAC baby was born after a total 3 hour labor, with only 30 minutes of pushing. (Her water broke at 6:30am, labor started right after that, baby was born at 9:30am) I was her birth photographer, and her birth went so fast I walked in 4 minutes before baby was born, and I was able to catch these beautiful shots of baby girl being lifted out of the water by her mama. ~Melissa Cate Photography

3 thoughts on “Fast VBAC after Cesaren due to ‘Big Baby’

  1. This is beautiful, wow that sweet little girl came really fast for having so much hair and seemingly no vernix. Congratulations, mama 🙂

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