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by Mrs. BWF on December 13, 2012

Daja, a long time BWF follower emailed me that her midwife is being wrongly persecuted and needs our help! Please sign this petition!

She writes…

She was arrested for “practicing medicine without a license.”  But, as you and I both know midwifery isn’t medicine!  She’s been safely supporting women in birth for 22 years.  This arrest was not the result of any bad outcome, no hospital transfers or injury to mother or child.  It’s simply the fact that the California Medical Board is cracking down on midwives and doulas in California.  It’s, unfortunately, happening all over.

Brenda, who has supported me in the births of six of my seven children. She is completely upfront with all her clients that she is not licensed.  She is a direct entry midwife, not a CNM.  She practices under the “religious exemption clause.”  Meaning, that all of her clients sign a statement that they are choosing to birth at home and employ her services for their own religious/philosophical reasons.  She has never misrepresented herself...

In addition, unlicensed midwifery is not a crime in California.  The California code only states that it is a crime to use the term “licensed midwife” if you are not licensed.  So, this case really has no legs.  However, there is a lot of money and power behind the California Medical Board.  Brenda is potentially facing a felony charge when she is arraigned on Dec.14.  Which just boggles the mind.  She’s 60 years old, a mother, grandmother, wife of a retired pastor.  I cannot imagine anyone less likely to face a felony!  In the twin birth on the BWF blog the mom called her “mother earth embodied” and such she is.  Gentle and kind and nurturing as anyone you’ll ever meet.

You can read the details of this case here: California Midwife Arrested.

This battle for birth freedom in California has been going on for decades.  In fact, my own mother went to court to defend her right to birth my brother and me at home.  (If you’re interested you can read that here: The Most Political Thing I’ve Ever Done.).

THANK YOU for spreading the word!  This petition isn’t just about Brenda (but of course that is hugely important to me personally, because she’s like my mother!), it’s also about the freedom for women to choose how they want to bring their children into the world.  It’s religious rights, women’s rights and parental rights.  Thanks for signing and sharing the petition:



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