An RN’s Natural Hospital Birth {The Birth Story of Natalie Jadis}

by Krystal Cleaver on April 14, 2014

My estimated due date was Dec. 3, 2012.  That came and went.  My 3 year old son, “W” and I found lots of activities to keep us busy, since I was officially on maternity leave from work.  We played in the fresh foot of Wisconsin snow; we went swimming and even went sledding December 12th.  I was okay with being “overdue,” because I knew my daughter would come when she was good and ready.

December 13th I had a biophysical profile ultrasound in the morning with a visit to my doctor after.  During the ultrasound, the tech was looking for a few important things, which my baby girl wasn’t doing; practice breathing or moving, so she scored a 4 out of 8.  Also, she was measuring about 36 weeks in size.  When my doctor came in to my appointment I knew he was concerned.  My doctor assisted as I naturally delivered my son 3 years prior, and I trust him and respect him.  He is a very “midwife” minded family practice doctor and his wife is actually a midwife.  As we discussed the ultrasound, I told him that my daughter had been moving all night in my belly, but had stopped moving after a two hour run/boxing match at about 6am.  Also, I hadn’t gained weight for the past 3 weeks and my belly measurements were not increasing (measuring 36 inches at 41 w. 3 days) We decided that induction would be the best since there was a chance of placental growth retardation.

I went home to pack for the hospital and on the way I called my husband and started crying because I didn’t want to be induced and I was scared that something was wrong with our baby.  I also called my mom, because she would be watching my son while we were in the hospital.  I told my mom to start praying! (I guess she told a few other people to start praying too)

My husband and I arrived at the hospital at 2pm; I got hooked up to the monitor and found that my contractions (which had been random for the past 2 weeks) were regular about every 4 minutes.  I originally wasn’t planning on going to the hospital until my water broke (because my labor with my son was quick and straightforward once my water broke).  I had been ignoring the “random contractions” and hadn’t timed anything for the past week.

My doctor came by to talk to us at about 3 pm. He told the nurses to not start Pitocin and just see how my contractions played out.  So my husband and I walked the halls, chatted with the nurses (I’m also an RN) and ordered in spicy Mexican food.  During supper, my contractions were getting closer together and stronger so I bounced on the birthing ball, continuing to talk with everyone.  I called my mom at 5:15 to make sure everything with my son was okay, since she picked him up from daycare.

My doctor came by after clinic and checked me and I was 8cm dilated!  He broke my water at 5:45 and said he’d stay at the hospital until this baby girl came.  I continued to work through the contractions on the birthing ball, with my husband behind me.  He was wonderful and knew just what to do without either one of us speaking; cool rags on my forehead, counter pressure on my back, and moving my hips during contractions.


At 6:30 I started transitioning, and before I knew it, I was grunting and starting to push.  My husband struggled to find the call light while holding me up on the birthing ball.  He pressed it and my doctor and nurse came in (they said they were listening in the hall, and knew I was getting close)  They told me to get on the bed, I refused…so my dear husband picked me up and put me there!  My doctor didn’t get a chance to put on his gown because I was already crowning.  Two pushes later Natalie Jadis was born sunny side up.  At  6:47pm on December 13th I was officially a mother of two.

It all happened so fast. We waited until her cord stopped pulsating and my husband cut it.  I was so happy, she was perfect, APGARS of 8 and 9, my doctor checked her over while she laid on me.  Natalie went to my breast right away, so my nurse went to eat supper and when she came back I was walking around, dressed and ready to check her weight, height and give her a bath.  My nurse couldn’t believe that I was out of bed!  I felt amazing; I had just brought a beautiful baby girl into the world naturally, with a quick labor (under four hours) and no complications.  That night my husband went home to be with my son, and I snuggled my little “Natalie Bug” all night long.

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