A Healing Homebirth After Cesarean {Slideshow}

A Healing Homebirth After Cesarean {Slideshow}

4 thoughts on “A Healing Homebirth After Cesarean {Slideshow}

  1. Wow this was so beautiful. I cried and cried watching it! I am currently 20 weeks setting out to have a VBAC. I haven’t decided home or hospital yet but this story was so encouraging for me. THANK YOU for Sharing it! ♡

  2. This was absolutely beautiful! I wish my dr wasn’t such against VBAC. I’ve had to c-sections and can’t find anyone willing to let me VBAC. The first was an emergency induction. The 2nd I went into labor and started on my own but the dr wouldn’t let me VBAC. I would love to experience this healing birth like you had!

  3. This is soooo amazing! I thank you so much for sharing this! I am preparing to have our third child after having been forced to have a c-section for the birth of my twins two years ago, and I am pursuing a homebirth for this baby!

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