Healing Hospital VBAC Picture

Healing Hospital VBAC Picture

I just recently had my daughter (almost 3 weeks ago) and I’ve had several ladies tell me I should share this photo from my birth… so here it is!

We had a beautiful, wonderful, healing VBAC in a hospital and this picture says everything. The support that I had from my doctor, my nurses, my doula, my husband, and even my birth photographer was incredible.

This is me squatting in the hospital room floor right as my daughter (all 9 lbs and 10 oz of her!) is crowning,  while my husband, my doula, and my nurse are supporting me. My awesome doctor is on his hands and knees next to me, getting ready to catch my daughter. How incredibly blessed we were for getting this experience after an unwanted (and unnecessary) c-section with my son two years before. Such an amazing and healing experience.


{By Samantha Miller}
{Photo by Sweet Pickel Photography}

5 thoughts on “Healing Hospital VBAC Picture

  1. THANK YOU for sharing this! We too had an unnecessary unplanned c section with my daughter two years ago and my baby boy is due in February. Planning a VBAC. Your photo is inspiring and encouraging. Blessings to you! Kelly

  2. How inspiring! More oft than not, you only hear of negative vbac experiences in hospital. Great job mama, so glad things were able to happen as you wanted.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing! I was devastated when I was told I needed an emergency c-section so stories like this give me hope for next time.

  4. I can’t tell you how healing this is for me. I had an unnecessary C-section 3 months ago with my first baby boy after a failed home birth. I’m hopeful for a VBAC next time. Thanks for sharing this inspirational photo and story.

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