Breech Birth

Midwife-Assisted Footling Breech Hospital Birth

March 24, 2013

Early on in my pregnancy I had done a lot of research and reading and thinking and I was strongly considering the idea of a homebirth. I was doing my ante-natal care with a team midwifery practice out of a public hospital that supported this. The midwife assigned to me was really supportive of this […]

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Breech Twin Birth Without Fear

March 18, 2013

This is Mallie, a woman who truly birthed without fear. She moved up from Florida to North Carolina in order to give birth the way she thought best, safely in a friends’ home, naturally with plenty of love and support surrounding her.  Both of Mallie’s twins were born breech after a very quick labor.  The […]

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Amazing Breech VBAC {Fast hospital birth with pictures}

February 26, 2013

My first 2 babies were quick & easy induced vaginal births. My 3rd baby was delivered by caesarean section (in Jan 2011), as she was breech. A c/s was something I never wanted, yet the Drs insisted (via scaremongering crap) I have one due to her breech position. I was happy to go ahead with […]

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Breech Homebirth

January 31, 2013

* If your baby is breech, please discuss possible complications and options with your care provider.* I had recently moved to the bay area, which meant I had to find a new midwife. With full support from my husband I chose a home birth.  We were unsure of when exactly I conceived, so I had […]

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Mom Holds Baby’s Hand as Born {Surprise Breech VBAC Hospital Birth}

January 3, 2013

A short history of my previous births: My oldest daughter was a good pregnancy, fairly uneventful, I choose to have a hospital birth for that “in case” reason, and it was probably good that I did, I had a severe postpartum hemorrhage that resulted in blood loss of almost 2 liters. Scary stuff. My son […]

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A Peaceful Surgical Birth of a Breech Baby {after switching providers at 38 1/2 weeks}

November 19, 2012

I spent my whole life dreaming about my babies. I’ve loved children since I was young, and looked forward to being a mother for as long as I can remember. When my husband Kai and I got married, I was pregnant within a month. We couldn’t have been happier about it. I didn’t exactly enjoy being pregnant as much […]

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Beautiful (Surprise) Breech Home Birth

October 9, 2012

My husband and I chose to have our first baby at home with an absolutely empowering midwife. I distinctly remember between my intense contractions hearing my husband Kevin, Leslie our midwife, and her intern Melissa, in our kitchen drinking coffee and softly laughing enjoying good conversation. I was in the birth tub letting my body […]

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A Footling Breech Birth Assisted by a Midwive & Observed by Paramedics

August 30, 2012

This is the story of one’s exciting entrance into the world. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would one day have such a fast and furious labor, especially after the perfect labor and birth of Joby a little over one year ago (yeah, I know. We certainly didn’t waste any time, did […]

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Surprise Breech Baby and Overcoming Breastfeeding Struggles

August 2, 2012

Surprise Breech Baby My husband and I decided right away to have a midwife attended delivery and chose the Hypnobabies birthing method. I also decided a water birth would be the most natural. Our daughter was head down for the last 8 weeks, and our last appointment was 3 days prior to her birth – […]

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