Breech Birth

How the Webster Technique Can Help You Birth Without Fear

July 10, 2012

For many women, pregnancy can be a very uncomfortable experience. First, there are the initial hormonal changes and morning sickness; the feeling of being on an emotional roller-coaster for no good reason whatsoever and the unusual food cravings at all hours of the day (such as early, early morning Jack-in-the-Box taco runs for those husbands […]

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Twin Home Birth Story: Frank and Footling Breech

April 30, 2012

Please research your options, risks and benefits, interview different care providers and choose what is best for your birth. This story is Melissa’s and her family’s…and theirs only. All pictures © Birth Without Fear Blog. {BWF} January 26th, a Thursday, I laid in bed with my Hypnobabies CD on like every night. Hubby laid with […]

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Pictures: Footling Breech Baby Born Into Dad’s Hands

January 31, 2012

*It is not advised to freebirth a breech baby at home. If you choose to have an unassisted birth, be prepared and have back up plans. Unassisted birth is not for everyone.* I have 5 kids, but these are pictures of Cricket, my 4th natural birth, my 2nd UC.  Enjoy!~Laura *These pictures and this couple’s […]

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Triplet Home Birth…Photo of 2nd Baby Born in Water Footling Breech

January 30, 2012

“A photo of my double footling baby B from my triplet home birth in 2006.” “Here’s the one of the three of them (one of the midwives was holding them). Max is the one on the right with the little purple foot. His one foot was fairly bruised from funky positioning for a few days.” […]

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In the News: Footling Breech Twin Boys…Born ‘A Year Apart’!

January 3, 2012

I have seen and both heard about this story. I finally read it and realized why. Not only were these twin boys born on different days of different years, but they were born completely natural and BOTH boys were born feet first. Two footling breech babies. Nowadays that is rare as many care providers are […]

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Home Birth of Twins Born Past 41 Weeks, One Footling Breech

December 21, 2011

*This mother and father chose to birth at home with midwives as they felt it was the best choice for them. A post dates, twin birth, with one baby footling breech, obviously carries different risks than a singleton, head down baby. Please work with your care provider to ensure a safe birth for you and […]

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Breech at 41 Weeks, Turned Head Down, 12 lb. 4 oz. Baby Born Naturally

December 20, 2011

I had already had two successful homebirths, and I loved the experience.  Amazing.  That’s what birth is.  And beautiful and wonderful.  A gift.  I know there are times when intervention or surgery may be needed, and it is wonderful that it is there for such times, but it is not the norm.  This birth turned […]

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Overcoming Fear to Experience Raw Power: A Breech Home Birth Story

October 18, 2011

This is the story of how I overcame doubt, fear, and negativity within myself so that I could experience the pure, raw power, intimacy, and spirituality of bringing life into this world.  At 36 weeks I found out our baby was breech and my plans for a homebirth were nearly destroyed. With the help of […]

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Breech Birth Video: Faith in God and His Will

October 14, 2011

Amanda sent her video in to share with the BWF Mamas. Her journey, after a loss and finding out her baby was breech took a lot of research, education and faith. She was open to listening to her instincts and to God. Her faith in both carried her through fearing another loss, finding out her […]

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